Social Media Can Be Fast, Cheap or Good. But Not All Three.

Social media is time-consuming. It’s as much art as it is technology. It’s new and complex and frustrating. Every business owner feels that way at some time or another. When I’m coaching clients I try to encourage patience, long-term visioning and planning. Some people take longer than others to join me in this position.

“I’m looking for a loophole, a quick fix, the easy way to do this,” one person said to me.

Social Media Fast

You can build a social media plan that will work quickly to build your audience and bring in leads. It will likely involve a hefty advertising budget and hiring a copywriter, graphic designer and funnel specialist to get all the work done and in place on time. To get things done quickly one might also consider buying fans, gaming the system, or engaging in annoying or automated growth tactics.

Social Media Cheap

Often the best person to do social media for a small business is the business owner herself, or someone from within the organization. Many social media plans depend on the sponteneity of being able to post pictures¬† when good, fun or interesting things happen. This option won’t cost a lot of money, but it is time-intensive, of course.

Social Media Good

Good social media content shows fans something different, something they can’t get anywhere else. It takes planning, preparation and time. Making good social media content happens when you experiment and analyse, figure out what works and make more of what resonates with your audience. All of this planning, preparation and analyzing takes time.

Social Media Fast & Cheap

Sure, it’s possible to build up a social media account quickly and on the cheap. There are lots of sketchy programs and “gurus” out there who will help you buy followers (not as expensive as you might think), and get your accounts going, but chances of this type of building being “good” are slim. Fake followers and sketchy tactics will only make your true fans distrust you, which, in turn, makes it even more difficult to make social media work for you.

Social Media Cheap and Good

Social content one is posting themselves costs nothing but time. With all the tools out there available to you, it’s easy to do simple graphic design and video right from your phone. Depending on your goals and your audience, these simple tools might be the perfect thing to make good content easy. The best content is that which shows the personality of the business and I’m a firm believer that comes from the business owner himself, or someone within the business.

Social Media Fast and Good

It is possible to create great social media content and build a following legitimately and quite fast. It won’t, however, likely be inexpensive. Making content that will immediately resonate with audiences will probably involve hiring some professionals to help and much advertising to spread it around.

Social Media Cheap, Fast and Good

I won’t say it’s impossible, but I will say it’s difficult to hit all three of these buckets. If you’re doing it yourself it can be cheap and good, but it will take time. If you’re paying for help, your social media can build quickly and be good, but it won’t be cheap. If you’re trying to do things as quickly as possible and inexpensively as possible, you might end up taking shortcuts that will hurt you in the long run, making your content or profiles less than desirable.

So, you must pick two and sacrifice one. Whether you decide to do things inexpensively or invest a dear sum, I implore you to be patient and do the work to produce good content that resonates with your audience.


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