A Cat, a Jesus Fish and a Facebook Jail {Infographic}

“We have turned into the cats,” my husband exclaimed, feigning concern. I turned to look at him, not immediately understanding what he meant, and then it happened.

We both burst out laughing…one of us more uncontrollable than the other. I’ll let you guess who.

Have you ever had to get out of bed to find, or fix something, because you just knew you wouldn’t be able to sleep until you figured it out, wrote it down, or put a note on the door? This is what happened to us…and this is a 100% true retelling, I swear!

We had just climbed into bed and said our goodnights. I happened to glance up to the ceiling and said “Why is there a Jesus fish on the ceiling?” Sure enough, the strange reflection looked like the fish in so many bumper stickers.

Well, we couldn’t figure out where that darned reflection was coming from. My husband’s hands hovered over his bedside lamp and the fish was still there. We knew the reflection had to do with the lamp, so how could we cover the lamp and it still be there? We were stumped.

We spent the next five minutes, at least, touching, covering, jiggling (and giggling), everything on, under, and around the lamp. Every once in a while the Jesus fish would disappear, but we still couldn’t figure out where the reflection was coming from. We covered everything but the lamp with pillows. Jesus fish was still there. Cover the lamp. Jesus fish is still there. We’re starting to think Jesus himself is writing on our ceiling.


Finally, I said, it must be reflecting, SOMEHOW, off this mirror hanging on the wall. Nope. No go. We could still see Jesus.

I started jiggling things sitting on top of the mirror (it’s a cabinet and there are frames and knickknacks on top of it). Oh…it jiggled. Touch something else…no jiggle. Finally, I touched the bright and shiny silver photo frame, and Hallelujah! We found Jesus!

Somehow, the light from the lamp was reflecting off the wall, onto that photo frame, and up onto the ceiling.

“OK. We can go to sleep now,” I laughed.

Just as we were climbing back into bed my husband said “We’ve turned into the cats!”

Sure enough, we had just spent five minutes chasing a reflection on the ceiling–something our cats do on the daily.

Alright, Anita, WHAT THE HECK does this have to do with social media?

I’ve been getting ready to post this infographic on How to Avoid Facebook Jail. It’s something that happens to people and they often don’t realize what they’ve done wrong. They spend hours, or days, searching for the answer, to no avail, only to have it happen again. And if you get put in Facebook Jail enough times, you might just get yourself permanently suspended.

Don’t be a cat! Don’t chase reflections on the ceiling and valuable and precious sleep time. Just follow these simple rules and you’ll never see the inside of a Facebook jail! And if these reasons don’t seem to apply to your situation, let me know and I’ll see if I can spring you from Facebook jail and keep you out!

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5 thoughts on “A Cat, a Jesus Fish and a Facebook Jail {Infographic}”

  1. Thank you for the morning chuckle. As I sit at my desk at ConnexionWorks in Saint John, surrounded by other co-working space users, I’m sure there are some who thought I’d lost my marbles as I giggled at your story. You’ve added to my already wonderful morning. Also, great information shared in your infographic. Thanks. 🙂

    • Well, I’ve always believed there are different kinds of value I can bring to the table. If the content isn’t educational it needs to be entertaining! Glad I could give you a chuckle. We certainly chuckled ourselves.


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