How to Brand Your Instagram Stories Highlights

Have you noticed some Instagram profiles have a funky row of circles just under their bios, and if you click on them, they look an awful lot like Instagram Stories? Well, that’s because they ARE Instagram Stories that have been saved to Stories Highlights. Unfortunately not everyone has access to the Instagram Stories Highlights feature yet (June 2018). But, when you are granted the feature, here’s what you need to get ready.

What can you do with Instagram Stories Highlights?

Twirps Instagram Stories Highlights graphics

Think of Instagram Stories highlights as folders for your stories…or maybe playlists would be a better analogy. They are usually organized by topic/theme, but which themes and how they’re organized is completely up to you! Here are a few ideas:

​✅ Post your best tips (I’m doing this!)

✅ Have a “Work with Me” reel

​✅ Feature your best bloopers

​✅ Feature your favourite projects

​✅ Highlight customer testimonials

​✅ Add your book or course trailer


How To Add Instagram Stories Highlights

If you see a circle with a + in it under your bio, you’re in luck and you can add Stories Highlights! To add a highlight:

  1. ​If you have the circle, just click on that to start.
  2. From your current story (one that is still live) you should see a highlight option in the bottom right corner.

How to Brand Your Instagram Stories Highlights

​Now if you’re going to start using the Highlights feature, you’ll want to take it one step further and create custom-branded covers, or thumbnails, for each one.

1. Design an Instagram Story image, 450 x 800 pixels, with a circle in the middle of it.

2. Download that image to your phone.

3. Upload that image as a Story.

4. Add the image to highlight (bottom left corner).

5. On your profile, click on the highlight you added the image to.

6. Click on More in the bottom right.

7. Select the image you want to be the cover.

8. If it’s not perfectly centered, you can edit the image to move it, or pinch and zoom to change the size.

​VOILA! A branded story highlight on your profile! What categories will you use for your Instagram Stories highlights?


4 thoughts on “How to Brand Your Instagram Stories Highlights”

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Anita. I’ll be the first to admit I’m a slow adopter when it comes to Instagram. I put myself in the same category as those who say of Twitter, “I just don’t understand the point of it.” But your post here helps me at least understand this feature. Maybe someday I’ll fully commit to the Instagram train ride!


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