Ways to Be Creative with Text-Only Tweets

They say Twitter is alllllll about the pictures, but some people just won’t give up their ASCII look! I’ve been collecting fun, no picture tweets for a while to inspire me to think outside the box when it comes to using my 280 characters. For example, did you know you could actually put one character per line? Yeah…some people actually did that when they changed Twitter to 280. Here are a few of my favourite, creative, text-only tweets.

This one from NASA might be my all-time favourite. When I first saw it, it appeared on a dark background, so it really felt like a space sky image.

This one even found its way into my teen daughter’s text messages to friends (although they were dancing, not eating pizza). Or maybe it started there. Who knows. It’s cute.

Now this twitter account only posts ASCII-style art tweets. EVERY tweet is fun. This one seem particularly appropriate for Pride Month (which it is at the time of writing). This person has art for everything: Halloween, Christmas, Twitter itself, animals, wine day, and even an image of Donald Trump!

Here’s an older one I found… we should all take his advice.

If you copy this one you can change out the text to say just about anything! (Be sure to credit where you found it.)

I love to see this kind of creativity at play on Twitter. We have the ability to upload photos and videos, and to go live on Twitter, but it takes a lot of creativity to make art out of only characters. Especially when every single space counts as a character! Have you found some creative text-only tweets? Please tag me on them or share a link in the comments so I can collect them in this Twitter Moment.

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