haliblab episode 6

Ep 6: Applying for Post-Secondary Education and Scholarships with Janet MacDonald

Episode 6 of HaliBlab: A Halifax Small Business Podcast with guest Janet MacDonald of MycampusGPS Education Consulting. Listen as Janet discusses choosing post-secondary education options and some surprising types of scholarships available for students graduating high school.

Grab Janet’s free resources:
For students in Grade 12: Grade 12 Checklist https://www.mycampusgps.ca/grade12checklist
For students in Grade 11: Grade 11 Success Formula: https://www.mycampusgps.ca/grade11successformula
Listeners can get a copy of the “How to Find Scholarships” 12-page guide FREE (regular price $19.95). Just email janet@mycampusGPS.ca and mention the podcast.

Also check out MycampusGPS on . . .
Facebook: https://www.Facebook.com/mycampusGPS
Twitter: https://www.Facebook.com/mycampusGPS
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/janetmacdonald1

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Check out this episode!

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