haliblab episode 11

Ep 11: Creating Courses & Workshops with Sandra Currie-Samson

On this week’s episode of HaliBlab meet someone who trains trainers, Sandra Currie-Samson! She specializes in helping entrepreneurs and subject matter experts build captivating courses. If you’re trying to get a workshop or course off the ground you don’t want to miss out on this interview.

Find Sandra on…
Website: https://sandracurriesamson.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SassySolutions
Facebook: https://facebook.com/sandracurriesamson1
LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/sandracurriesamson

Upcoming webinar Dec 11: Create an Evergreen Content Plan that Looks and Sounds Like You: https://twirp.ca/social-media-workshops

Check out this episode!

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