10 Pieces of Equipment DIY Social Media Marketers Need to Improve their Content

If you’re a DIY social media marketer you’re always planning ahead, and watching for deals on all the equipment you need to make your social media marketing job a little easier, or maybe more polished. Here are a few products I use and recommend, and a few new ones I’m stalking for a good deal! And yeah, these ARE affiliate links. If you click on these links and make any purchase, I may be compensated by Amazon.

Equipment Every DIY Social Media Marketer Needs

I definitely espouse the philosophy that one should just. get. started. no matter what equipment you have. Seriously. Thinking you have to have all the perfect equipment before you can start creating your own videos, podcast or other content is simply procrastination at work. You CAN get started with natural lighting and the cell phone in your pocket.  I’ve been creating videos for a few years now and I’ve only ever used natural lighting and my phone until this year when I finally bought a ring light! When you’re ready for an upgrade, or to polish your look and sound a bit, here are a few things to consider.

1. Ring Light

This is the ring light I bought. It comes in other sizes, but the 12 inch is plenty big! I will say, the “foot” that is supposed to attach to make your camera holder turn sideways didn’t work for me, but I don’t use that anyhow. When my static electricity accidentally shorted the whole thing out, I reordered exactly the same one, so I definitely recommend it!


2. Laptop Microphone

This is the microphone I finally decided to buy when I started my podcast earlier this year. I went with this one so it wouldn’t take up space on my desk and WOW it has REALLY good sound, I think. You can listen to me using it over on the BeFlawsome Podcast.


3. Phone Microphone

This is the corded mic I have on hand to plug into my cell phone for making better sounding videos from my phone. I don’t use it as much as I should…but I have it!

Other office supplies for the social media marketer

4. Headphones

And there are days when I could NOT survive without my noise-cancelling headphones. These Sony’s were expensive, but super comfortable and VERY quiet. My husband can watch TV right beside me and I don’t hear what’s going on. They work best with Focus At Will music! They’re also GREAT for airplane travel…if and when we’re able to do that again.

5. Laptop Stand

I don’t know about you, but working on a laptop for 8+ hours a day has taken a toll on my neck. There are two pieces of equipment that are helping me stay in the office and out of the chiropractor’s office (well…some anyhow). This folding laptop stand is similar to the one I have, that I borrow from my teens when they’re not around. It makes sitting on the couch to work a whole lot easier on my neck. Don’t tell Dr. Paul I said so 🙂


6. Wireless Keyboard

When I am working in my office, I prop my laptop up on a box so the camera and screen are more eye-height, and I use a wireless keyboard to improve the ergodynamics. Improve, not perfect. I quite like this one from Logitech, but it is a bit on the small side.


7. Anti-Glare Screen

I recently decided to try an anti-glare screen protector for my laptop too as I was having a lot of headaches. When you spend as much time staring at these screens as I do, you’ll try anything to improve it. The one I bought is out of stock, but this one seems similar.

8. GimbOWL

One of the best things I bought this year was a tracking, rotating phone stand. It’s perfect for holding my phone on my desk while I make TikTok videos close up, but it would also be great for tracking a speaker who walks and talks, or a Zumba instructor who can’t always stay in frame, etc. When turned on it actually will follow you from side to side, moving your phone to keep up! The one I bought looks just like this one, but mine has the brand name GimbOWL printed on it.

9. Gimbal

One other thing I am hoping to find a good deal on is a gimbal…a device for holding your cell phone and stabilizing it when you make videos. It keeps down the shakes and makes everything look smooth and professional when you’re holding the phone. This brand has a good reputation in my circles, so I’m watching for deals on these.


10. Social Media Books

Here’s a bonus for you… some books I recommend…not necessary, but not a bad idea! Who knows if there will be good deals on these books this season…I sure don’t, but these are a few of the ones I’d definitely recommend you pick up either way.

Storytelling is becoming increasingly important in social media. This is one of the books I’ve picked up for my summer reading list. Tamsen is a master at developing your story.

The latest book on my virtual shelf, this guide is IDEAL for beginners looking to understand how social media works on different platforms.


This one I have pre-ordered for the soft cover version, which doesn’t come out for a bit. I love Ozan’s weekly emails. They are one of the few I MUST read each week. I can’t wait to learn more about his techniques for thinking outside the box and being innovative.

What other products are necessities for you as a DIY social media marketer?


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