How to Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day Online

Did you know there is a day to celebrate just about everything? I don’t mean the big holidays like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. I’m talking about crazy, weird and wonderful celebrations like Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, Talk Like a Pirate Day and Random Acts of Kindness Day/Week. Every time I teach about, or consult on, social media planning, I encourage entrepreneurs to find some of these days to build into their custom social media plan. Today I’m encouraging all my readers to bring the social and the kindness back to social media, whether it’s part of your social media plan or not! Here are 10 easy ways to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day online…since, ya know…we’re still in a worldwide pandemic and can’t just walk up to strangers in public right now.

Love Notes

Surprise family members by writing a loving, supportive and encouraging post about them. If your business has an internal general chat, why not write a great thank you post for a colleague?


When was the last time you wrote a recommendation on someone’s LinkedIn profile? Today is a great day to make someone’s day by telling others why they’re so awesome! Alternatively, why not write a review of your favourite local business on Facebook or Google? Are you a reader? Review your last few books on Amazon or GoodReads. Don’t forget to post about the person, book, service or location on your social profiles, too!


Compliment people in your feeds today. Remember, compliments aren’t all about looks! Try these:

  • You’re so generous!
  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You’re so smart.
  • You seem to really care about others. I appreciate that.

Send a Gift

One of the most famous random acts of kindness is paying for the coffee order of the person behind you in a drive through. We can take this online by sending someone an egift card from any major chain of coffee shops (I know…I’d like to support local, too, but it mostly won’t work for this item.) Not a coffee person? How about a credit for an ebook download, or an Amazon gift card? If you’re on Twitter, search #SettlerSaturday and donate to a BIPOC person who posts on that thread.


We get a lot of emailed cards around the holidays, but not many the rest of the year. Why not send someone a pick-me-up via email today?

Donate or Support

Have a little extra change in your pocket today? Why not donate an equivalent amount to a charity online, or support a Kickstarter campaign for a product you love and share the campaign on social media?

Call Someone

When was the last time you actually called your friends and just chatted with them? FaceTime, Messenger, Google, Zoom…it doesn’t matter. Set up a call with an old friend and find out what’s going on in their life that they’re NOT talking about on social media. You won’t regret this one.

Retweet or Share

Honestly, this is the very least we can do. Seek out a small business or a creator you’ve never shared before and retweet them or share their content on another network. Look for someone with a small following and try to boost them up!

Make Someone Smile

Share a silly story, a cute animal picture, or make a dance video meme on TikTok. You never know who you will touch with your vulnerability.

Offer Someone a Freebie

Are you a graphic designer, artist, web developer, writer, proofreader, resume expert, social media manager? Search social media for someone asking for help in your specialty area and offer it for free. I’m not suggesting you give away an entire package, or hours and hours of your time, but if you can help out a random person who’s struggling in their business or career with an hour of your time, hey… it’s a nice thing to do on occasion.

Random Acts of Kindness BINGO

Want to track your RAK day fun and encourage others to play along? Download this RAK Day Bingo card and share it when you’ve hit BINGO! Be sure to tag me in your post so I can see what you’ve done, but remember… RAK Day isn’t about shouting from the rooftops what you’ve done…it’s simply about being kind. I just want to know that you’ve participated. You don’t need to tell me all the details 🙂


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