How to Improve Online Sales with Social Media Content

Nearly every company these days utilizes social media to connect with its audience and build its brand. However, in order to grow sales via social media channels, you may have to work a bit harder. And, if you want sales from organic sources and social media pages, you will have to ensure that you produce relatable and valuable content for your audience.

First, it is important to invest in several other marketing channels such as content marketing, PPC, SEO, and email marketing. From there, you can work to amp up your social media strategy. The following methods will help you generate direct revenue; some of which will also help you create a solid customer-brand bond, as well as indirect sales.

Pave your way to sales with flash offers

If your brand is offering a sale season to its buyers, it is time to promote it like a festival. Several brands have mastered the art of promoting a flash sale on social media. The key is to generate excitement around the offer and highlight the benefits of redemption.

Tips to prepare for a successful flash sale and improve your social media revenues:

  • If you plan a flash sale by creating a fancy video and using an excellent video maker, ensure one-day shipping is made available to your customers.
  • Flash sales may flood a large number of orders. Make sure you keep your customers happy by constantly reviewing stock availability and building your supply chain accordingly. It is highly disappointing for a customer to end up with a failed order due to lack of stock.
  • A flash sale can result in heavy website traffic, and yet again, there is a thin line between creating excitement and not letting it turn into disappointment. Ensure that your website is strong enough to handle traffic in solid volumes for a hassle-free flash sale season.
  • Create a unique and attractive social media post for your flash offer. Take the time to craft graphics, videos, etc. that will buy the eyes of your customers.

Communicate with customers as soon as they mention the brand name  

With 70% of the world’s population on social media, it is evident that it has become the ultimate source of connection, especially with a brand. Customers frequently post reviews of brands on their accounts in both a negative and positive light. Apart from sharing their experiences, your customers may even drop a direct message if they face any type of issue. It is important to address all experiences, both good and bad, as well as provide a robust solution to keep your customers coming back.

Here are some helpful tips:

  • Create a content strategy that includes videos and/or graphics that will help you to not only attract customers but gather as much information as you can about them. This content can be in the form of a poll, Q&A, or a feedback-based video from which you can receive maximum tagging. This will ultimately increase the engagement ratio with your consumers.
  • As your plan hits the peak of success, you can utilize several tools that can help you create alerts. For example, when someone mentions your brand name, it will give you a pop-up notification to never miss inquiries.
  • Monitoring your social media network for your brand may not offer you direct sales, but it will surely increase the integrity of your brand and present it as caring and supportive in the market.

Generate sales leads with giveaways

A product or service giveaway is loved by many, especially when there is a prize to be won. What is better than a free prize in exchange for just a few questions and answers? Try to throw a giveaway fest and challenge your customers to participate in the contest for a chance at freebies.

Here are a few ways how you can throw a giveaway contest and make it a successful one:

  • Understand your target audience. Figure out what they would want to win and what type of content they would enjoy.
  • Create an engaging and unique piece of content in the form of video with the help of a robust video editor and post it across your social media platform to gather attention.
  • Create a separate landing page where participants can enter their details such as mobile number, email, and other information.
  • Collect leads and integrate them with email, SMS, and social media marketing integration tools. Gather as much information as you can.
  • Announce the winner via a special mention on social media. Make the winner feel special by calling/emailing/texting them about their win.
  • Don’t forget to acknowledge the non-winners as well; pursue them to make the purchase from your website along with a participant’s discount.
  • Encourage new customers to follow and share your social media accounts.
  • Embrace technology even more by creating a customer support profile for your brand.
  • Offer discount codes for the customers who give a good review on your social media page.

Post it more to host it better

We all know the magic social media content can do for our customers. Creating engaging, promotional and brand-oriented, creative content attracts our audience to communicate with the brand. Considering that approximately 97% of adults login to their social media networks once a day per month, you can take it as an opportunity to find your customers on social media. You can use the same strategy and create attractive content and graphics that will match your agenda of boosting sales and post it on your social media pages. Ensure that you are posting frequently, as posting more and almost every day will help your brand gain popularity and sales.

You may also choose to embed social media buttons on your website to expand communication. Apart from the website, you can also embed your social media page buttons on your:

  • Header of your website or blog
  • Footer of your website or blog
  • Email communications
  • A few specific social posts

Offer free shipping

One-day delivery is excellent, but free shipping is even better! A recent survey has stated that approximately 36% to 50% of people don’t like to pay for shipping. They often abandon the order after adding items to their cart because the shipping amount couldn’t be justified. It is simple. No one likes to pay for shipping and eCommerce websites often suffer for this reason.

You can ensure free shipping by creating a coupon code for your customers, which they can then redeem at the checkout page to receive free shipping. Later, you can implement it into the CMS and run a test to ensure the free shipping discount is being applied automatically. To boost your sales through social media, you can run a campaign and post it with the help of a stunning promotional video by using a professional video editor to stand out from the crowd.

Offer coupons

Who doesn’t love offers? In addition to a flash sale, try offering coupons to your loyal customers. You can create offer coupons in the form of videos or graphics and slip them into the inbox of special customers. Examples include:

  • Save X% on shopping of X amount
  • Save X% off your next purchase
  • Spend X amount online and get X amount credit to spend in-store
  • Spend X amount and get an X% of cashback in your account/brand wallet after the purchase

These offers will act like honey for the shopping bees willing to spend wisely.


Generating sales isn’t easy, but all you need is a bit of expertise and practice to ensure you know the right tactics to serve your customers with exactly what they want. In conclusion, here are a few key takeaways:

  • Attract your consumers with flash sales and offers
  • Communicate with your consumers, increase engagement rate with strong social media content and proactively reply to every mention
  • Throw a giveaway fest to generate leads in a hassle-free way
  • Post entertaining content frequently to get into the limelight
  • Offer free shipping for the newbies to try your products without any hesitation
  • Offer coupon codes to make the deals offered by your brand look more lucrative

Moreover, understand that your audience is the key, and mastering it will help you make great sales!


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