Instagram Threads App: Undercomplicate it by Being Flawsome

Instagram Threads App has the social media world all a-titter (decidedly not a-Twitter). We haven’t seen this much excitement about a new platform since live video streaming app Periscope hit the interwebs. There are two types of people on Threads right now: those who are diving in, redistributing content and creating new relationships; and those who are too overwhelmed by the thought of a new platform.

Here’s the best news you’ll hear all day about Instagram Threads: whenever a new platform comes along flawsomeness reigns supreme!

Getting in on the ground floor gives you the opportunity to learn how to use it without feeling left behind, learn as it grows and perhaps even influence the vibe and future direction of the platform.Click To Tweet

Or you can sit back and just take it all in, and play the wait-and-see game.

In this post I’m going to walk you through what I’ve learned about Instagram Threads app so far to help you decide whether or not to give it a go! There’s an overview of features, benefits, and how you can effortlessly navigate the platform while staying true to your flawsome self.

How to Sign Up for Instagram Threads app

screenshot of Google Play Store download page for Instagram Threads AppThis is the easiest part! Simply download the iOs or Android Instagram Threads app (be careful as there are many apps called Threads). Once Threads is installed open it up and you will be prompted to log in with your Instagram account. Yes, you must have an Instagram account to access Threads. This is important for a variety of things:

  1. Each Instagram account can have only one Threads account.
  2. Your Threads account is inextricably intertwined with your Instagram account. You can deactivate Threads, however, you cannot delete Threads or you will delete your entire Instagram account.
  3. Be sure you’re logged into the proper Instagram account when you open threads.

Finding People to Follow on Instagram Threads

Because your account is intertwined with Instagram, you can quickly follow everyone you’re already following on Instagram with the click of a button. You can, of course, go through the list of accounts one-by-one and decide who to follow on this new platform. Using the “follow all” button is a great shortcut, but you may find some accounts popping up that you had muted on Instagram and you will need to re-mute them.

Once you’re in, there is a search function. When I click on this I get a list of celebrities to follow. I’m not following celebrities on Instagram Threads. I want to find small business owners. When I searched for “small business” Threads returned a list of accounts/users who had “small business” in their bios. It’s not perfect, but it’s a start!

Knitting Together Instagram Threads Key Features

This app is sure to grow and evolve very quickly. We can already barely keep up with the changes to Facebook and Instagram, so we know they’re going to update Threads fast, too. As of publishing this article, here are some of the things we know about Instagram Threads.

Features Instagram Threads is missing:

  1. No private messages.
  2. No use of hashtags. ETA: They’re coming!
  3. Keyword search with post results Sept 1, 2023 testing in some countries.
  4. Lists or any type of organization for the fire hose of tweets. You can’t even get a feed of posts from JUST people you’ve chosen.
  5. Functional desktop app. Currently a phone-first app like Instagram. Added August 2023
  6. No pinned posts on your profile.
  7. No editing of posts, but you can delete a thread and start over.
  8. Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri says they won’t be “courting” news and politics for this platform. Maybe it will remain a fun, engaging and kinder platform?
  9. No reply-all function in the replies. If you reply to a post further down a thread it only replies to that person, not the original thread poster.

Features Instagram Threads Already Has:

  1. You can have a public or private account.
  2. Can import your bio & photo from Instagram OR create from scratch.
  3. Posting with text, photo, video or link. ETA: Gifs added October 2023
  4. Text posts have a 500 character limit.
  5. Can increase the size of text in the app settings.
  6. Ability to @ mention other accounts.
  7. Easy share of content/post to Instagram and Twitter.
  8. Video limit is five (5) minutes.
  9. Accepts .gifs from .gif keyboards or uploads, but no built-in .gif feature. Gifs added October 2023
  10. Triple Enter will start a new post in a Thread.
  11. ReThread and Quote ReThread
  12. If you have a Verified Blue Check on Instagram it carries over to your Threads Account.
  13. Ability to control the notifications you receive on your phone. Go ahead and turn most of them off. Save your productivity.
  14. A Threads Dictionary created by Threads. This doesn’t take into account users’ needs to pun everything! We’re going to see this evolve over time.
  15. Keyword search added for testing in some countries.
  16. desktop/browser capability added late August 2023.
  17. Sort accounts you follow

How Do You Engage in Threads?

Threads may be simple, and very reminiscent of Twitter for long-time Twitter lovers, even though it’s missing some of the best features. If you’re used to having conversations on Twitter, that strategy should bode well for Threads engagement, too.

First and foremost, JUMP IN and start looking around. Get a feel for the feed, the buttons, and posting options. See what content is getting shared and generating conversations. You don’t have to start posting immediately. Find some people you enjoy on other accounts and see what they’re posting.

The vibe and culture of Threads is just a week old. It will take time before we see where this is really going to go. Now is the time to jump in and #BeFlawsome with everyone else figuring it out!

Currently, the Threads feed is a chaotic mix of people you follow and recommended accounts. Mute people you’re not interested in. Engage with those you are and it will begin to feel like something you’ve curated.

Start by replying to some posts from people you know, or questions that pop up on your feed. Get a feel for it. Then you can start thinking about what kind of content you can create for, or redistribute on, this exciting new platform. Content that worked well on Twitter, especially “threads” are probably going to work really well on Instagram Threads.

If you need inspiration on writing good threads, I recommend following Katelyn Bougoin, Dickie Bush and Justin Welsh.

Strategically Flawsome: Maximizing Your Impact on Threads

Since there’s currently no apparent algorithm to work with, maximizing your presence on Threads is 100% about authenticity and providing great, useful content. Remember, “useful” can mean different things to different people: educational, informational, timely, humorous. Will you have conversations with people? Provide a good laugh? Or will you redistribute your best content from other networks here? I’m seeing a bit of everything right now, but there has been some backlash on people who have jumped into total sales mode right away.

Embrace the simplicity and the flawsomeness of a new platform with no “rules”!

Is Instagram Threads a Game-Changer?

Honestly, it’s WAY too early to say for sure, but here’s what we do know:

  • Threads had 10 million signups in just a few hours, growing to 100 million within a few days.
  • It is INEXTRICABLY intertwined with your Instagram account. ETA Nov 2023 – Working on a way to delete JUST Threads account.
  • Long-time Twitter lovers are LOVING Instagram Threads.

That points to a bright future for the new app. Only time will tell if Instagram Threads will unravel. Many thought Google+ and Vine were here to stay. Time for your thoughts! Are you excited about the new app? Or is this just another thing you feel forced to do for your business? Unravel in the comments.


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