The Best Social Media Consultants in Nova Scotia

Finding social media consultants in Nova Scotia actually isn’t all that difficult. A new one seems to pop up every month. When I first opened Twirp Communications in 2011 there were only two other social media agencies in Nova Scotia that I knew about, but today everyone thinks they’re a social media expert.

Finding GOOD social media consultants or a reputable social media trainer is a little more complex. I’m certainly not trying to imply I’m the only option out there, because I’m not for everyone, but you do want to be sure to hire someone with appropriate experience and knowledge.

And if you go by the Google results you might end up clicking on an ad for a social media agency that isn’t even local! Think about what you typed in to get to this blog post…was it something like “Best social media agencies in Nova Scotia”? And then how many sponsored ads did you have to scroll past to get to this page? A few.

Those sponsored ads were likely for national or international agencies that outsource all their work and have done their SEO and paid marketing to appear there on the search for Halifax social media consultants. That’s just how Google works, no shade. But if you’re looking for someone local to Halifax, or within Nova Scotia, you’ll need to look a bit further.

Also, I want to highlight that having a top search spot in Google doesn’t even mean they are good social media consultants. Some of the ones that appear on the first page I’ve never even heard of, and I will say I’m very knowledgeable about who is out there in Nova Scotia. And, a lot of times I’ll see consultants and agencies appear on page one when their main services aren’t even social media related…they’re actually web designers or ads specialists. That really bugs me personally because they’re using a good search term to get attention and it feels like a bait and switch when they tell you they’re not a social media consultant.

Now you’re probably wondering, “Who are the best social media consultants in Nova Scotia?” I’m going to list some below that you can check out. I do update this list semi-regularly and check on the consultants to ensure they’re still in the biz. Here are a few more questions you might be asking yourself:

How do I choose the best social media consultants in Nova Scotia?

Finding the best social media consultant involves assessing your business’s specific needs, goals, and target audience. Look for consultants with experience in your industry and a track record of success. Consider their approach to social media marketing, their familiarity with the platforms you want to use, and their ability to provide customized strategies. Do you want a consultant to provide a strategy you can implement on your own, or are you looking for a social media manager to do the implementation? There are a wide range of social media consultants working in Nova Scotia from Virtual Assistants who schedule the content you provide, to full-service content creation agencies. Meeting with them to discuss your objectives and see if they align with their expertise and services is also a good idea.

What questions should I ask a potential social media consultant?

When interviewing potential social media consultants, ask about their experience with businesses similar to yours, their approach to social media strategy, how they measure success, and examples of their work. Inquire about their familiarity with the social media platforms most relevant to your audience. Questions about their process for content creation, scheduling, engagement, and how they handle crises or negative feedback on social media are also important. Check out their own social media profiles to see if there’s a values fit. And if their own profiles are not frequently or recently updated, ask for references. Here are 12 questions to ask a social media consultant before hiring them.

Do I need a social media consultant or a social media assistant?

The decision between hiring a social media consultant or a social media assistant depends on your business’s needs. If you need strategic planning, brand positioning on social media, and comprehensive campaign management, a consultant might be more appropriate. However, if your primary need is content creation, routine posting, and basic engagement with your audience, a Virtaul Assistant or a social media manager could be sufficient.

How do I evaluate the success of a social media consultant’s work?

Evaluating a social media consultant’s success involves looking at key performance indicators (KPIs) such as engagement rates, follower growth, website traffic from social media, conversion rates, and the achievement of specific campaign goals. Regular reports and communication from the consultant should provide insights into these metrics and how they align with your business objectives. The best reports will be tied to business goals, but some of the work to make that happen is on you, the business owner.

How often should I meet with my social media agency to review progress?

The frequency of meetings with your social media consultant should be based on your campaign needs and the level of activity on your social media channels. Monthly meetings are common for reviewing progress, adjusting strategies, and planning future content. However, more frequent communication may be necessary during campaign launches or critical periods.

The Best Social Media Agencies in Nova Scotia

Below I am only listing social media consultants and agencies I’ve had direct dealings with or have at least met in person. There are other social media consultants out there I have yet to meet. Also every social media consultant has their own specialty. For example, I prefer to work with knowledge experts such as coaches, other consultants, and makers.

As well, I recorded an episode of The Social Coast about determining which social media agency is right for you. If you’re not sure, I’m always open to chatting with you to see if Twirp is the best fit. You can book an appointment here.

Daley Progress (Mainly focused on enewsletters)
Bold and Italic (Small business, events and Facebook Ads)
KA Social Media
Pepper it Marketing (Mainly focused on Nutritionists/Dieticians)
Caring Counts (Content creation)
Caley Dimmock (Facebook Ads strategist)
Purple Lilac
Gather and Echo
Stockall and Company (Content creation)
Every Day I’m Branding (Content creation)
Colleen O’Dea (Graphic design & Content Creation)
Word Craft (Specializing in packaged goods)
LinkedExpress (LinkedIn training)
Small Town Marketing
Julie Ogilvie
Activate Her Awesome




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