Anita Kirkbride, Social Media Consultant

I’m on a mission to help small businesses understand how to use social media to serve their clients and grow sales.

Trying to keep up with ever-changing social media trends is exhausting, even for the most caffeinated among us. But Twirp Communications founder Anita Kirkbride is here to help you save all that coffee money.

Anita’s social media experience extends all the way back to the 90s, when she joined the first generation of bloggers, launching a crafting blog in a flurry of card stock, buttons, and fabric swatches. She promoted it using new-at-the-time marketing tactics like blog circles, link parties, and roundups.

A few years later, Anita left her communications job and embarked on a mission to conquer the brave new world of digital communications—and Twirp Communications was, um… hatched. Since 2011, she’s been helping businesses and agencies improve their social skills through social media consultations, training sessions, and profile audits. She’s also the pioneer behind Responsible Scheduling—a set of guidelines for scheduling posts that helps clients make the most of their content without overwhelming or ignoring their audience.

But Anita doesn’t do all her talking online. She’s also a public speaker specializing in (you guessed it) social media. Over the years, she’s shared her expertise with audiences at Atlantic Internet Marketing Conference, Blog Jam, PodCamp, and the Centre for Women in Business.

If you need her, she’s not hard to find. Your best bet is to look online—chances are good she’s on Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn. If that fails, just look for someone attempting to cuddle with a disgruntled calico cat or sniffing bunches of cilantro in the produce aisle.

Anita is a frequent contributor to other blogs and regularly called upon by local media to discuss the latest social media news:

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