How to Tell if Someone has Bought Likes on Facebook

I really got my knickers in a knot yesterday when I saw someone promoting himself as some kind of social media superstar. This person claims to have the largest Facebook following for his industry in Atlantic Canada. Well, I *HAD* to go check that out. Sure enough, this page, [...]

Facebook Business Pages: It’s Personal

With all the new businesses starting up in Halifax we're seeing more and more local businesses join Facebook and Twitter. In turn, I seem to be getting more and more questions about the best way to set up a Facebook business page. Even more disturbing to me is when [...]

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Anyone Can Find Business on Twitter

That's right... ANYONE. The next time someone says "Twitter is just a bunch of nonsense" I want you to share a link to this post. Here's an example of someone looking for a freakin' floor waxer on Twitter. And you know what? Within two hours he had a recommendation for [...]

12 Most Fantabulous Holidays to Celebrate on Social Media

One of the ideas I often give my clients and students for finding content for their social media strategies is to think about fun and interesting “holidays” that relate (or don’t) to their business. The obvious ones are all the health-related awareness days, weeks and months, which are good [...]

How to See Who RTd Your Content

One of the downfalls to using Hootsuite as my everyday access point for Twitter is that it's not always easy to tell who has retweeted my content. If they've tagged @anitahovey then of course I'm going to see it pop up as a mention, but if they haven't, it's [...]

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How to Unfollow Inactive Twitter Accounts the Easy Way with ManageFlitter

Recently a few of my Twitter friends have hit the 5000 Twitter limit and have been asking for advice on how to continue to grow their Twitter following when they're not allowed to follow anyone new. I use the free version of Manage Flitter because it is so simple [...]

Embeddable Tweets–What, Why and How

What is an Embedded Tweet? Did you know that you can embed live tweets directly into your website or blog? An embedded tweet links directly to Twitter, shows the conversation the tweet began, and includes a follow button. It looks like this: This is an embedded tweet. — Anita Hovey (@anitahovey) January [...]