#BeFlawsome: The Good Enough Podcast

It’s my mission to empower small business owners to take charge of their social media marketing.

I’ve run a social media consulting business for 11 years, and in that time I watched networks rise and fall. I witnessed the creation of new tools and techniques. And I learned there are only a few constants: Successful social media users are present, consistent, and most importantly, authentic.

I don’t believe in fluff. I don’t believe in hype. But, I do believe that with some guidance and support you can do this completely on your own.

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Authenticity and Alignment on Social Media with Dr. Ashley Margeson

Have you ever thought about aligning your schedule with your cycle? Anita chats with Dr. Ashley Margeson in this episode about using our natural energy to help plan, create, and execute your social media strategy. In addition, get inspired to show up in ways that are authentic!

Embracing the Journey and Sharing It with Others (Feat. Jamie Kullman)

Do you cringe at the thought of getting too personal online? Jamie, my guest this week on the podcast, is the perfect example of being authentic on social media. Let’s embrace the journey together, and share it with others in an effort to help someone else going through a similar situation.

Being Strategic in Your Social Media

This episode uncovers common advice given today on high-level social media strategy. I will be busting myths, stepping on toes, and revealing real truths on how social media strategy works. Listen now!

Trying New Platforms Imperfectly with Tracey Bissett

Meet financial coach Tracey Bissett this week on the podcast and learn about the importance of understanding money in your business. You will also hear about overcoming #flawsome starts on video and podcasts, and how Tracey did not let her fears of being imperfect on these new platforms hold her back from helping other business owners.

Getting Started with DIY PR (Feat. Crystal Richard)

Have you considered getting visible in publications, but have no idea where to start? Crystal Richard is on the podcast this week sharing her best tips for small businesses to pitch the media, and also the role of social media in PR. It is much easier to get started than you might think.

Reducing Stress With Confidence (feat. Lucy Liu)

Having a lack of confidence in who you are has a huge impact on how you live your life, run your business, and even how you handle stress. Inspirational life coach, Lucy Liu, joins me this week on the podcast to share stories and tools to increase confidence.

Using Social Media Systems to Create Space

In this episode I get uber personal to show you that it is possible to create space and flexibility in your business. You can still have everything run smoothly even when unexpected things happen in life. Let me tell you how with my 6 best tips.

Stand Out Branding (and GIFs!) with Christine Gritmon

If you want to stand out as your own personal brand, you must listen to this episode. Anita and Christine talk about how to create GIFs, where to find inspirational branded GIFs, and different aspects of branding to consider.

Audio and Video Tips with Natasha Marchewka

Natasha is a voice-over actor who has learned that taking a step back from social media is not the end of the world. When we show up and feel uncomfortable on social media, from there we can grow. This episode provides tips and tricks that will help in building your confidence around video and audio.

Getting Creative and Having Fun on Social Media

I have a confession: I haven’t been embracing #flawsome on this podcast. Season 2 promises to be fully #flawsome.

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