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The Best Social Media Agencies in Nova Scotia

The Best Social Media Consultants in Nova Scotia

Finding a social media consultant or social media agency in Nova Scotia actually isn’t all that difficult. A new one seems to pop up every month. When I first opened Twirp Communications in 2011 there were only two other social media agencies in Nova Scotia that I knew about, but today everyone thinks they’re a social media expert. Finding a GOOD social media consultant or a reputable social media trainer is a little more complex.

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A white peacock standing on the grass with the headline "Digital Marketing for Beginners: Your Ultimate Guide to Online Success"

Digital Marketing for Beginners: Your Ultimate Guide to Online Success

I’ve been blogging about social media marketing for over 12 years now. This week I realized all the new followers and new entrepreneurs I’ve been talking to over the last year probably haven’t gone through my blog to find all the “Digital Marketing for Beginners” articles I’ve written, so I’m compiling them in a listicle for you this week.

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A robot -like peacock with wings spread wide apart.

The AI Trap: Top Signs Your Social Media Content is AI Generated & How to Fix It

Are you caught in the AI trap? It’s easy to fall into the convenience of letting AI handle your social media content, but there’s a risk of losing the authentic human connection that makes social media so powerful. In this post, we’ll uncover the telltale signs that your content might be robot-written and provide practical strategies for ensuring your AI-assisted posts retain a genuine, human touch.

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The Role of Controversy in Social Media Marketing

In the news business they say “if it bleeds, it leads” and there’s a similar feeling around social media spheres “Controversy Captivates”. Controversy is a powerful, yet risky, tool of the anti-heroes in social media marketing. While it is compelling and increases your engagement rates, controversial content can also have negative consequences for your small business. If you’re ready to embrace your anti-hero tendencies, adding a bit of careful controversy to your social media marketing might be just the thing to spice it up.

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Blue peacock with tailfeathers on full display

Ways to Use Social Media for Market Research

Ever eavesdropped on a conversation at a café and actually learned something new? Monitoring social media is the digital equivalent. Listen to what your customers are saying about your brand—or even better, your competitors. Monitoring tools like Sprout Social, or even simple Google Alerts, can help you keep tabs on customer sentiment and emerging trends. It’s like having a crystal ball, but less mystical and more data-driven.

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Social Media Strategy Blog header image featuring a realistic depiction of red peacock feathers with dark green and black feathers.

Be a Social Media Marketing Anti-Hero: A Guide for Small Businesses

We see hero marketing every damn day. Being an anti-hero can set your small business apart. It’s about being unapologetically yourself, embracing your uniqueness, and connecting with your audience on a deeper level. So, shed the cape, put on your metaphorical red leather jacket, and start rewriting the rules of social media marketing for your small business.

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extreme closeup of a peacock feather with droplets of water sitting on top and the words Creating Educational Content for Social Media

Creating Educational Content for Social Media

One of the questions I get when I talk about creating educational content for social media is “But won’t my audience just take the information and do it themselves?” I’ll be honest, that is possible. But if they are the DIY type they weren’t likely going to buy from you anyhow, they just would have found a different expert who’s giving the information away. Now you are their expert for this information. WIN!

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Unleash Your Inner Maverick: The Art of Becoming a Thought Leader

The other day a colleague told me I am a thought leader and I’ll admit it surprised me a bit. It has always been part of my social media strategy to position myself that way, but this was one of the first times someone had confirmed for me that my strategy was working. I do often share advice that is contrary to popular opinion and encourage entrepreneurs to do what is best for themselves in business. And while I often agree with things other experts are saying, I’m confident people see me at someone who has strong opinions and isn’t afraid to share them.

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A bright orange and blue peacock feather with the words Networking on Social Media as a Small Business.

Networking on Social Media as a Small Business

It’s time to revive your business networking strategy. And I don’t mean boring in-person events with awkward handshakes. Today I want to chat about the art of networking through social media. Take a sip of your coffee and read through these tips for small business networking on social media.

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Dark background with a peacock feather. Text: Social Media Brand Awareness for Small Business

Social Media Brand Awareness for Small Businesses

Brand awareness is also about the feelings and associations consumers have towards your brand. It’s the emotional and psychological relationship your customers have with your business. Think of it as the difference between recognizing a face in a crowd and knowing that person’s story, quirks, and favorite cake flavor.

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Social Media Strategy for anti-heroes promotional graphic with logo and photo of Anita Kirkbride, the facilitator. Features: self-paced, online, focuses on you, not one-size-fits-all. Click for more information.

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