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10 Great Gifts for Small Business Owners

Down with kitschy, cutesy, space-wasting gifts that get donated or recycled as soon as they’re received. Give your entrepreneurial friends and clients something they’ll really enjoy! Of course, everyone has their personal preferences, and these are mine (and a few suggestions from other small business owners).

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5 Bare Minimum Things You Must Do When Promoting a Blog

5 Bare Minimum Things You Must Do When Promoting a Blog

I just spent the better part of an afternoon researching and writing a blog post. I don’t feel like spending all the time that’s required to properly promote the post to get the most traction from it. (Hey…it happens sometimes… #Flawsome and all.) So here is my list of the bare minimum of things you have to do to promote your blog when you’re in a hurry.

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Why Live Podcasts Are The Next Big Thing

Why Live Podcasts Are The Next Big Thing

Ever since they infiltrated popular culture in the early 2000s, podcasts have taken the world by storm. The audio episodes allow people the ability to enjoy stories, updates, investigations, and social commentary without committing to sitting down or holding a book. However, there’s a new phase in the evolutionary process of podcasting that’s about to take everything one step further—going live.

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mistakes in social media marketing

Mayday! May Day! Avoid These 6 Mistakes in Social Media Marketing

Ever have one of those moments when you learn something so obvious you feel like you should have known it since…forever? The origins of the word “mayday” was one of those moments for me. A few years ago I learned that it was basically the English version of “M’aider” in French, meaning, “Help Me”! Interestingly, the origins of May Day have nothing to do with “mayday” the emergency call. The first day of May is celebrated as the first day of Summer in many countries. However, I couldn’t resist the homophonic sounds of posting about mayday around May Day. Yeah, I’m weird like that. The result is this post with helpful tips for avoiding social media mistakes in 2022. I’ll “vous aidez” on May Day. Ok. I’m done.

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Why I'd write a guest post - an authority play

Why I’d Write a Guest Post – an Authority Play

Of all the ‘Wild West’ SEO (search engine optimization), authority and backlinks may be the most notorious. I recently sat in on an industry brainstorm with roughly twenty SEOs and marketing-savvy business owners. They were well versed in research, optimizations, and emerging algorithm complexities, but when it came to site authority – crickets. The state of a site’s authority is relegated to ‘organic outcomes’; its backlinks to the arena of increasingly scarce and scattered experts (and often associated with link farms/less-than-savory SEO activities).

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How to use Google My Business as a Solopreneur

How to Use Google My Business as a Solopreneur

Your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business), is one of your most valuable pieces of online real estate. What makes your Google Business Profile beneficial for your small business is that it is free and provides information on your business to potential customers. In addition, as it is a part of your citations (or local online directory listings), you can customize it to improve your search engine optimization and online rankings.

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Social Media Strategy Blog Header Images Twirp CommunicationsSocial Media Strategy Blog Header Images Twirp Communications

The Best TikTok Marketing Tips in 2022

The main peculiarity of TikTok is that it is much easier to gain popularity as a blogger on this platform than on any other social media network. However, users need to be aware of the TikTok algorithms and basic TikTok marketing tips on what type of content they should publish and how to properly promote their accounts on TikTok. If you’re looking to grow your account, it is not necessary to hire a marketing agency. We have researched the best eight marketing tips that will help you gain more views and followers of your content. 

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6 Easy Ways to Boost Engagement on Instagram

When it comes to social media, Instagram is arguably one of the top platforms. It is so easy to share posts, interact with your followers and use tools such as Reels and Stories to boost your brands presence. There are a number of ways to boost engagement on Instagram, including the six ideas features in this post.

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How to Improve online sales with social media content

How to Improve Online Sales with Social Media Content

Nearly every company these days utilizes social media to connect with their audience and build their brand. However, in order to grow sales via social media channels, you may have to work a bit harder. And, if you want sales from organic sources and social media pages, you will have to ensure that you produce relatable and valuable content for your audience.

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How to Analyze Social Media Performance Without Spending Money on Tools

Whether you are running a small business or a multinational corporation, every business needs to be on social media. Through it, you can build brand awareness, fill your funnel, generate new leads, as well as cooperate with customers. Innovative disruptors are continuing to emerge, developing day by day, even hour by hour. Being on top of your industry is not a guarantee that you will stay there forever. Therefore, it is crucial for your business to analyze social media in order to better understand existing and potential customers.

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