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How to Promote Your Small Ecommerce Website

In the past, all that was required to sell your products was a brick–and–mortar store. Things have changed greatly over the years, including an influx of online stores. In 2022 if you do not promote your small eCommerce website online, customers will not be able to find you. If you have set up an online store but do not know where to start, this blog is for you.

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7 Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Small Business in 2022

Marketing is a must for any business, and to get business online, you have to consider digital marketing. Every business has different marketing needs; small businesses cannot copy an enterprise’s marketing agency and have profitable results. Big corporates can afford the pricey marketing campaigns, but most small businesses run on tight budgets. Therefore, it is crucial you work on a strategy that is curated for small businesses to nurture and grow your business exponentially.

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How to Choose the Best Social Media Platform For Your Small Business Needs

Social media is a powerful marketing tool, but to leverage it for your small business, you have to understand which platform best suits the needs of your company. With so many platforms and so little time, it is impossible to be active on every outlet. You can narrow down your choice and focus your efforts for the best ROI. In this article, we’ll walk you through the main considerations for choosing the best social media platform for your small business.

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Stop Comparing Your Failures to Everyone’s Successes

Constantly comparing yourself to the experts you look to for advice may be holding you back. Click through to read this blog for three examples of why you should stop the comparison game.

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6 Tips for Better Live Videos

Live video can be one of the easiest ways to add more video content to your marketing plan for the upcoming year. Personally, I find it much easier to live stream than to create a produced and edited video. I’ve been dabbling in live video for about six years now, ever since it was first introduced by apps Meerkat and Blab. I’ve made lots of mistakes in that time and learned lots of ways to make better videos. Here are a few really simple tips to help you make better live videos.

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10 Red Flags to Watch for When Hiring a Web Designer

Recently I was scrolling through social media and came upon a conversation about hiring web designers that piqued my curiosity. I had followed the rabbit trail to a website designer’s website that, to me, was full of glaring red flags. It got me thinking about all of the things people SHOULD be noticing when they’re hiring a web designer, but don’t. So I started a conversation on Twitter asking some web designers I knew what they would suggest a small business owner look for when hiring a web designer.

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Ecommerce Website SEO – Latest Trends to Consider for Better Sales

New eCommerce websites spring up every day, increasing competition. If you own an e-commerce website, it is about time that you re-evaluate your marketing strategy and increase your SEO budget. There is no doubt that SEO is critical to an online business. We think it is not wrong to say that more than 80% of sales come from SEO. So, we recommend that you hire a reliable SEO Company right away. It will put you way ahead of the competition. In today’s blog post, we will list the latest trends to consider to improve your sales.

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An Ultimate Guide: How to market your podcast using social media

Podcasting is an amazing way for you to share your passion for IT, arts, pop culture, or anything you’re excited about with others online. All you need is some soundproofing and a quality mic to get you started. With thousands of other podcasts available, how can a new podcast push its way to the proverbial forefront? Here’s how you can use social media to promote your podcast and reach like-minded listeners around the globe through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and similar platforms.

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How to Fix a Typo in Your Social Media Posts

How to Specify Which Image Facebook Uses for Your Website

Have you ever tried to share something from your website to Facebook only to have the image cropped funny, or have Facebook not share an image at all? It’s so frustrating to spend your valuable time creating great content on your website or blog and then have it look terrible when shared because you can’t figure out how to specify which image Facebook uses for your website…or how to make it the right size.

Good news…there is a simple two-step solution: design the right size image and upload it to the right place on your website. Sounds simple, right?

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How to Avoid 9 Scary Social Media Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Incredibly after 10 years in the business, I still see small businesses making the same social media marketing mistakes over and over. Every time I do audits, every time I do workshops and every time I do one-on-one training I see half-baked plans, lack of consistency and missing information. Regular auditing can catch some of these things, but some of these social media marketing mistakes take a little more effort.

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