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How Social Media is Helping us Thrive During a Pandemic

As someone who spends inordinate amounts of time on social media for work, I get to see both the negative and the positive aspects of each platform. Lots of people are focusing on the negative right now, adding to the fear and anxiety of our collective situation. I want to give a shoutout to a few people who are shining a light in the darkness and giving us a way to spread hope. Social media is helping us THRIVE during this crisis, if you know where to look.

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8 Types of Hashtags Every Small Business Owner Should be Using

After 9 years of teaching entrepreneurs to use social media to grow their businesses, I can honestly say the thing I am asked most is “What is a hashtag?” People who are new to Twitter or Instagram look at the seemingly complex combination of characters, abbreviations and words and feel like it’s a completely new language they must learn. The good news is hashtags are actually quite simple.

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Which Social Media Scheduler is Best for You?

If you are doing any decent amount of social media marketing for your own business, or for others, you’ve probably already tried a scheduling system or two to help with the workload. Maybe you’ve felt it’s wrong to schedule content and you gave up? Or maybe you just didn’t find the right social media scheduler for your needs. Because I believe in responsible scheduling of content (please note, this is not content automation), I have tried many different scheduling systems. Some work with one platform, others with many. From my experience, all of the different scheduling programs have their benefits, it’s a matter of which scheduling process works best for you and your workflow.

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twirps building relationships on social media

Do’s and Don’ts of Building Relationships on Social Media

The key to building relationships on social media is to do it one step at a time. One small interaction at a time until you trust each other for a larger interaction, and then maybe you work together in a small way, and then you finally have built a relationship with that person that leads to bigger and better things and they become a friend.

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A Simple Evergreen Content Distribution Plan

Once you’ve created the original content, be it a blog or a video, you will post a link on your social media. If it’s content you were able to repurpose into other related pieces, you’ll have multiple bits of content to post for a while. Now you need a content distribution plan and a good scheduling tool.

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The Benefits of Evergreen Content and How to Manage it

Do you look at your social media the same way I look at gardening? You absolutely hate social media, but you know to have a successful business in today’s marketing landscape you most likely have to have a minimum social media presence? This one’s for you!

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10 Places to Get Your Social Media Questions Answered

Google isn’t the only place to get your urgent social media questions answered. Get this list of 10 places, with lots of social media resources linked, to get your social media questions answered today.

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Twirp Choosing Facebook Group at a crossroad

Do you need a social media strategy or a social media plan?

Table of Contents What is a social media strategy?What is a social media plan?Can a … Read more

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How to Avoid vs. Blocking Someone on Social Media

It may seem counter-intuitive, but sometimes we need to stop engaging with certain people on social media. It’s hard to do that when you keep seeing them, but you don’t always want to block them. We’re about to weather another long year of political campaigning, both at the federal level in the US and here in Nova Scotia at the municipal level and there are going to be a lot of political opinions in your feed for the next 12 months. You might be thinking you have to put up with them, but there are ways to avoid people and topics on social media without blocking their accounts.

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15 Places to Find the Latest Social Media News

A list of my favourite social media resources. From daily social media news sites, to local Halifax bloggers, there’s something for everyone here.

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