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Cheat Sheet: The ONLY social media image sizes you need to know (2020)

Finally! A cheat sheet that shows just the social media image size you really need to know! No more overwhelming variety of sizes to try to choose from. These are the sizes we use here at Twirp Communications for the main networks, updated October 2018.

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Twirp Choosing Facebook Group at a crossroad

Do you need a social media strategy or a social media plan?

Table of Contents What is a social media strategy?What is a social media plan?Can a … Read more

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hiding from people on social media header

How to Avoid vs. Blocking Someone on Social Media

It may seem counter-intuitive, but sometimes we need to stop engaging with certain people on social media. It’s hard to do that when you keep seeing them, but you don’t always want to block them. We’re about to weather another long year of political campaigning, both at the federal level in the US and here in Nova Scotia at the municipal level and there are going to be a lot of political opinions in your feed for the next 12 months. You might be thinking you have to put up with them, but there are ways to avoid people and topics on social media without blocking their accounts.

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15 Places to Find the Latest Social Media News

A list of my favourite social media resources. From daily social media news sites, to local Halifax bloggers, there’s something for everyone here.

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Twirp Choosing Facebook Group at a crossroad

Facebook Paradigm Shift: Do I Need a Facebook Group to be Successful?

May 2019 marks the start of a major paradigm shift for Facebook and the 80 million small business owners who depend on it to market their products and services. At the annual Facebook developers conference Mark Zuckerberg announced the shift by telling attendees Facebook will become focused on privacy and helping people build spaces and relationships where they can feel free to be themselves. One of the ways Facebook plans to accomplish this is by revamping the site and apps to prioritize Facebook Groups.

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leaving hootsuite graphic Twirp Communications

Why I Finally Left My Favourite Social Media Scheduling Tool

Choosing a social media scheduling tool to streamline your marketing efforts might not be as easy as you think. After using Hootsuite for several years, I decided to switch. Here’s why.

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haliblab episode 27

Ep 27: Using Social Media to Promote and Build with Michelle McCann

Join me for the season finale of HaliBlab with guest Michelle McCann of Bold and … Read more

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haliblab episode 26

Ep 26: Doing “Women’s Work” with Jessie Harrold

On episode 26 of HaliBlab: A Halifax Small Business Podcast, meet Jessie Harrold, coach, mentor, … Read more

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haliblab episode 25

Ep 25: Saving Vintage Decor and Accessories from the Landfill with Brigid Milway

On HaliBlab episode 25, meet the multi-passionate entrepreneur who’s saving vintage home decor and accessories … Read more

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haliblab episode 24

Ep 24: Trying to Save the World One Reusable Product at a Time with Shannon Shields

On episode 24 of HaliBlab, I’m talking to an entrepreneur who is trying to save … Read more

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