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Finding Engagement with a Computer

Last week I ended my blog post with a little ditty on "engagement". One of the biggest learnings I had from my first workshop, "Social Media for Twirps" was that "engagement" is a difficult concept for some people to understand. For many people social media is about computers. It's [...]

5 Things I learned by Holding my First Social Media Workshop

On June 27 I was thrilled to see a packed, standing room only board room at the Centre for Entrepreneurship Education and Development (CEED) here in Halifax, NS. "Social Media for Twirps" was billed as an overview of the big three social platforms (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) and I [...]

How Social Media Worked for my Colleague

My colleague, Linda Daley, Daley Progress, wrote a great newsletter article last week about how just a few minutes on social media benefited her business recently. I thought it was worth sharing. What could these few minutes do for YOUR business? We can help you get started today. If You [...]