Unleash Your Inner Maverick: The Art of Becoming a Thought Leader

The other day a colleague told me I am a thought leader and I’ll admit it surprised me a bit. It has always been part of my social media strategy to position myself that way, but this was one of the first times someone had confirmed for me that my strategy was working. I do often share advice that is contrary to popular opinion and encourage entrepreneurs to do what is best for themselves in business. And while I often agree with things other experts are saying, I’m confident people see me at someone who has strong opinions and isn’t afraid to share them.

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Social Media Brand Awareness for Small Businesses

Brand awareness is also about the feelings and associations consumers have towards your brand. It’s the emotional and psychological relationship your customers have with your business. Think of it as the difference between recognizing a face in a crowd and knowing that person’s story, quirks, and favorite cake flavor.

15 Essential Social Media Objectives for Small Businesses

Discover the strategic roadmap for small businesses to conquer the social media landscape. Explore 15 essential objectives that transcend sales, empowering your brand to connect, engage, and thrive in the digital realm. Unlock the potential of social media for your small business today.

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Instagram Threads App: Undercomplicate it by Being Flawsome

Instagram Threads App has the social media world all a-titter (decidedly not a-Twitter). We haven’t seen this much excitement about a new platform since live video streaming app Periscope hit the interwebs. There are two types of people on Threads right now: those who are diving in, redistributing content and creating new relationships; and those who are too overwhelmed by the thought of a new platform. Here’s the best news you’ll hear all day about Instagram Threads: whenever a new platform comes along flawsomeness reigns supreme!

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Short-Form Video Marketing for Small Businesses

Short-form video marketing has become a powerful tool for small businesses to reach their target audience and increase sales. With the rise of TikTok, and similar features on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest, businesses can easily create and share engaging videos that capture the attention of potential customers. If you haven’t yet added short-form video to your social media strategy, hopefully by the end of this blog post you’ll see why it’s all the rage for small businesses.

One-Click Content: Engage Your Audience Where They Are

One-click content is any piece of content that can be consumed entirely within a single click or tap. This can take many forms, such as a blog post that is displayed in its entirety on a social media platform, or a video that plays within a single frame on a website. The goal of one-click content is to remove barriers to engagement by providing users with the entirety of the piece of content within one click of seeing it.

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How my Social Media Strategy is Changing in 2023

Peacocks are known for their ability to adapt to their environment, whether it’s in the jungle, desert, or the suburbs of Los Angeles. (I was floored to find out peacocks are wild, like pigeons, in California.) Similarly, your social media strategy needs to adapt to changes in the digital landscape, whether it’s algorithms updates, an emerging platform, or your own personal needs. By being flexible and adaptable, you can stay ahead of the curve and remain relevant to your audience.

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