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Ecommerce Website SEO – Latest Trends to Consider for Better Sales

By Usman Ghani | December 1, 2021
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New eCommerce websites spring up every day, increasing competition. If you own an e-commerce website, it is about time that you re-evaluate your marketing strategy and increase your SEO budget. There is no doubt that SEO is critical to an online business. We think it is not wrong to say that more than 80% of sales come from SEO. So, we recommend that you hire a reliable SEO Company right away. It will put you way ahead of the competition. In today’s blog post, we will list the latest trends to consider to improve your sales.

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Being Human in Marketing with Mark Schaefer

By Anita Kirkbride | December 6, 2021

What strategies do you use in your marketing as a small business owner? Listen to this full-of-impact episode with Mark Schaefer, one of the world’s leading marketing futurists, where he talks about being relevant in your content, the person as a brand, and being human in marketing.

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