Most Useful Social Media Graphic Sizes for Small Businesses

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The Best Social Media Consultants in Nova Scotia

By Anita Kirkbride | March 11, 2024
The Best Social Media Agencies in Nova Scotia

Finding a social media consultant or social media agency in Nova Scotia actually isn’t all that difficult. A new one seems to pop up every month. When I first opened Twirp Communications in 2011 there were only two other social media agencies in Nova Scotia that I knew about, but today everyone thinks they’re a social media expert.¬†Finding a GOOD social media consultant or a reputable social media trainer is a little more complex.

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Twitter Marketing with Tattoo-Wearing Social Media Evangelist, Madalyn Sklar

By Anita Kirkbride | July 20, 2022

Are you using Twitter for your business yet? Learn how Twitter can be a highly effective tool for marketing your business.

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