Corporate Training

Are you tired of staff coming to you to fix their social media accounts? Do they ask questions you’re not equipped to answer? Would they like to have a better understanding of how to use Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to grow your business?

Would you like to:

  • Get your professional staff using LinkedIn to promote your company?
  • Help your Board of Directors understand the power of Facebook in promoting your next fundraising event?
  • Enable your communications team to collaborate on social media efforts and reduce duplication?
  • Give your sales force the tools to mine Twitter for leads?


Corporate Social Media Training from Twirp is

  • Customized to fit your organization’s needs;
  • Personalized to the abilities of your staff;
  • Hands-on and interactive;
  • Conveniently provided on your schedule, at your location.

Book a time to speak with Twirp Communications about your corporate training needs.