Being Perfectly Imperfect with Ann-Marie Flinn

In this first ever episode of #BeFlawsome: The Good Enough Podcast, Anita interviews Ann-Marie Flinn, Champion Change Agent. This inspirational conversation is about what it means to be perfectly imperfect and how to work through disappointments, fears, and doubts.  Listen in to find encouragement that you are good enough as you are!

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Key points in this episode:

  • Why it’s easy for us to see good in others, and not in ourselves 
  • Why we experience burnout, especially during this pandemic
  • The perception of perfectionism in body sculpting
  • Viewing mistakes as opportunities to grow
  • How to handle judgments you place on yourself 
  • The inner critic and the superhero within us
  • How fear, doubt and perfectionism will keep you stuck
  • The 4 levels of learning Ann-Marie teaches

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About Ann-Marie:

Ann-Marie Flinn is the President and Founder of Champion Foundational Change Agency.

For over 30 years, Ann-Marie has been an authority on creating optimum performance, greater productivity and higher prosperity by implementing a Champion mindset.

Her vision is to be a worldwide Champion of Change. To touch the lives of thousands of people, by bringing out the Champion inside and to facilitate belief and inspiration through a Champion mindset. She believes in the power of the mind. 

“My love for being an athlete has shaped who I am both physically and mentally.”

As an international athlete, I know it’s not just what you feed the body and how many times you hit the gym that makes you a Champion. It’s what you feed the mind and the soul that creates an authentic Champion. 

Seeing failure as feedback, outcome thinking vs problem thinking, and leading with intention vs feeling victimized by adversity, is what develops sustainable performance, drive and long-term results.

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