Breaking the Rules in Business with Deanna Seymour


You are your brand. No one knows this better than the awesome Deanna Seymour! (seriously, check out her website)


This episode is all about breaking the rules in business so that you fearlessly carve your own path to success and do what works for you. Period.

Some of the rules we are breaking include swearing in business, having quirky copy on our websites, marketing on one platform only, taking time off during the summer months, and hosting a private podcast.


Tune in to get inspired to do business YOUR way! How are you breaking rules in your business?


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About Deanna:

Deanna is a graphic designer for awesome, funny, creative, quirky, gen-x, kick-ass, rebellious, dorky, honest, witchy business owners who want to stand out in the crowd. 

She loves:

  1. Inspiring business owners to up their confidence and show up as their true selves.
  2. Creating super fun custom graphics to connect you with the perfect clients who will fall in love with your business.
  3. Working with clients who want to stand out from the never-ending scroll of templates.


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