Creative Content Ideas with Corinne Boudreau


This week’s #flawsome entrepreneur on the podcast is Corinne Boudreau, owner of Online Legal Essentials. She has used social media to grow her law firm and online business by incorporating humour, fun activities, and relatable stories. You don’t want to miss the crazy stories she shares!


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Key points in this episode:

  • How Corinne started her online business after years of working in a law firm and teaching law courses at Dalhousie University 
  • What she learned from creating courses and why changes are necessary
  • Tips for creating an online course and the importance of having an email list
  • How she turns her crazy stories into content
  • How she has gained clients based on personal information she shares about herself on social media
  • Being an early adopter of new platforms, specifically Clubhouse
  • A caution about professionals giving free advice online

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About Corinne:

Owner of Online Legal Essentials Inc., an online platform to help Canadian online entrepreneurs create a solid legal foundation for their businesses. A business lawyer for 18 years. An instructor and creator of “Legal Essentials for Business Growth”, a 40 course curriculum for NS businesses through NS Department of Labour and Advanced Education.

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