Embracing the Journey and Sharing It with Others (Feat. Jamie Kullman)

Do you cringe at the thought of getting too personal online? Jamie, my guest this week on the podcast, is the perfect example of being authentic on social media. Let’s embrace the journey together, and share it with others in an effort to help someone else going through a similar situation.

Key points in this episode:

  • What it means to grow through action
  • The “why” behind Jamie starting Moms Freedom Maker
  • What holds women back from figuring out their passion
  • The first step in figuring out your North Star
  • Sharing #flawsome posts on social media
  • Making yourself relatable by sharing vulnerable stories

About Jamie:

I help moms build an impactful and fulfilling lifestyle in business while getting into greater work-life flow through Moms Freedom Maker.

I’m here to support you in your journey of becoming the person you’re meant to become. My mission is to help you find your passions and purpose, make a living from it and create a mission bigger than you, that impacts the lives of others.

The outcome? You’re running a business that’s in full alignment with your purpose and a lifestyle that you’d previously envisioned in your manifestations. 

With 13 years of experience I’ve learned that it’s less about the doing, and more about how you become on this journey.

What lights me up? Helping guide people to live the best life possible with the people they love. Without having to choose or make sacrifices.

Connect with Jamie:

Connect with Anita:

Are You Flawsome?

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