Finding Your Own Way in Entrepreneurship with Heather Deveaux

The journey to successful entrepreneurship is a struggle. It rarely happens overnight and will include challenges, learning, pivoting, and changing our past stories. Anita discusses embracing entrepreneurship with Heather Deveaux, who helps others create, market, and sell online courses – fast! 



In this episode, you will learn from Heather’s vulnerability going from:

  • Medical and Dental Office Administration Instructor to Instructional Design for Entrepreneurs
  • Solopreneur to hiring and trusting a team
  • Thousands in debt trying to sell a program unsuccessfully to figuring out solutions that her clients need, all while being #flawsome, putting herself out there, and learning along the way



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About Heather:

Heather Deveaux is an experienced instructional designer based in Nova Scotia who has been creating learning opportunities and developing curriculum since her career began in 2000 in the Canadian Armed Forces. She has created over 150,000 hours of online education and training content since 2008 when she created her first online course – back before Facebook was a household name. A pioneer in online learning, Heather’s first online course is still in circulation today and many of her courses continue to generate revenue for her former clients to this day.


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