#Flawsome on Video with Connie Vanderzanden

#Flawsome business owner Connie Vanderzanden is on the podcast this week, sharing about overcoming perfectionism on video and in blog posts.  You will find encouragement from this relatable conversation and learn tips to manifest your vision and create lasting financial success.

  • What it means to fund the life of your dreams
  • How Connie coaches entrepreneurs in handling money
  • What the hustle phase of business is
  • How perfectionism can hold us back
  • Being flawsome on video and in blog posts, and how this allows your audience to learn more about you and see your personality
  • How Connie comes up with ideas for videos
  • Repurposing content into different forms
  • What the term opportunity cost means
  • Creating a balance between life and business

About Connie

Connie Vanderzanden is on a mission to help entrepreneurs live the lifestyles they desire by learning the simple steps, structure, and discipline to create and save money. With 35 years of accounting and bookkeeping experience, a variety of industry knowledge, and her own real-life business growth journey since 2001, Connie developed the Going Beyond Revenue Cash Handling System, focusing on cash flow planning that creates profitable and sustainable businesses. Connie is a true Oregonian, born and raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest where she spends time with her husband of 35 years and their “fur kid”.

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Are You Flawsome?

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