Managing Stress as a Business Owner with Trudy Stone

As a solopreneur, you learn pretty quickly that it’s your job to wear all the hats in business. There’s client work, marketing, implementation, but social media? Who has time to consistently commit to that when you’re doing all the other things?


In this episode, learn about how stress affects our bodies and minds with nutritionist and wellness expert, Trudy Stone. There is a direct link between stress and your well-being. One powerful mindset shift Trudy shares is: “start to view stress as an invitation to examine all the areas of your life”. 


Trudy talks about her fear of taking a break from her business as she was approaching burnout, which as you can imagine was hard to admit as a wellness professional herself. You will also hear tips on nutrition, creating new habits, and handling negative thoughts.



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About Trudy:

Trudy Stone is a certified culinary nutritionist, TV guest wellness expert, author, podcast host and founder of Trudy Stone Nutrition, who educates people about nutrition solutions for managing stress and anxiety.


From healthy habits to brain health, Trudy is passionate about empowering people to build healthier habits and unlock the power of food to build a strong and vibrant brain and body.


Trudy is also the creator of the R.I.S.E method, a step-by-step framework to help people to overcome stress, overwhelm and fatigue.


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