Reducing Stress With Confidence (feat. Lucy Liu)

Having a lack of confidence in who you are has a huge impact on how you live your life, run your business, and even how you handle stress. Inspirational life coach, Lucy Liu, joins me this week on the podcast to share stories and tools to increase confidence. Listen to her story of embracing who she is and how her biggest hindrance in life is now her biggest asset.

Key points in this episode:

  • How Lucy shifted from stressed out to an unshakeable optimist
  • Tools and coping modalities
  • Getting on social media as the real you, and not waiting until you look a certain way
  • What happened in the first 3 months of Lucy’s coaching business when she was marketing under a different name

About Lucy:

Lucy Liu is a life coach helping women live a joyful fulfilling life! She is an unshakable optimist, wife, mom, entrepreneur, workshop facilitator, motivational speaker, author and host of The Lucy Liu Show.

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