Setting Yourself Up For Success on Social Media with Jenny Ward

Listen in as Anita and Career Coach Jenny share tips on all things social media this week. This episode is a must if you want to set yourself up for success with reels, repurposing content, and measuring success on platforms including Tik Tok, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

  • What it means to help others live by design and not default
  • What it is like to start using social media as a business owner
  • How Jenny measures success on social media
  • Do’s and Don’ts of connecting with people
  • Reels and recycling content
  • Tips for people creating content outside of their comfort zone and showing accomplishments
  • Reframing your thoughts on writing your resume

About Jenny:

Jenny is a certified Career and Transition Coach, former corporate recruiter, and female empowerer helping corporate women finally live by design, not default.   

Jenny spent 15-years in corporate recruitment seamlessly matching people and jobs and now focuses on ensuring that women excel in all areas of their life by moving them out of reaction mode and into the driver’s seat.  

This includes empowering them to tell their personal and professional story to get the job they want and the money they deserve.

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