Sharing Your Journey with Vulnerability (with Yvette Bodden)

Anita and Yvette show their vulnerability in this week’s episode. Yvette confesses that she had to let herself be vulnerable if she was asking others to do the same. Be encouraged by their conversation to start sharing your own journey on social media.

Key points in this episode:

  • Yvette’s experience through a painful divorce and depression
  • The spark that started her greatness
  • What Anita started that created all positive changes in her life
  • What we can learn from failure in life and on social media
  • What it means for a woman to be her best self
  • Feedback from others when you share your personal side on social media
  • Listening to the journey of others

About Yvette:

Yvette Bodden was named “Bella Bosses We Admire” by Bella Magazine in the Mar/Apr 2021 issue. She is Founder and Author of Awakened-Woman, a platform designed to inspire, empower and encourage women to become their best selves. She writes inspirational articles and short stories about life, love, Latino culture, divorce, co-parenting, motherhood, abuse, dating, relationships, finance, self-care, self-love, woman empowerment and many other topics from a real woman’s perspective.  A native New Yorker raised by Dominican parents, she attended The City College of New York for 4 years.

Her freelance career began as a contributor to Thrive Global, SmartCoparent, and DivorceHub. Since starting AW (Awakened-Woman) she has been featured in magazines such as The Best Holistic Life and Magistra Magazine, as well as countless podcasts carried on Apple Podcasts, IHeartRadio and Spotify. Yvette’s debut book, A Journey to Becoming the Best Self (Black Rose Writing)—part memoir and part prescriptive fiction, inspired by her own post-divorce path from devastation to joy was published in 2019, and received praise from The U.S. Review of Books.

Yvette is also a Writer for Belatina News while building the AW brand and producing content that is both pragmatic and compassionate. In 2021, she developed the AW Empowerment Series, a collection of interviews showcasing well-known names including Jolene Rodriguez, President of Broken English Productions, Google’s Alexandra Garcia, Actress, Jeimy Osorio, CEO & Founder, The Sexiest Beauty, Heather Fink, Actress from Tyler Perry’s, Sistas, Novi Brown, Founder & CEO, Hint Water, Author, Kara Goldin, Actors Lisa Vidal, Nathalie Kelly, Christina Vidal-Mitchell, Joe Minoso, Latin-Grammy Winner, Luis Fonsi, CEO of Rizos Curls, Julissa Prado and Emmy Award Winner & Television Personality, Nikki Boyer.

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