Showing the Messy on Social Media with Kelly Corkery


In this week’s episode, Anita invites Kelly to speak about her business, A Sorted Affair. She is an organizer that is relaxed, practical, and filled with humour in helping with home or advanced planning. Find out why Anita wants you to #BeLikeKelly!

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Key points in this episode:

  • How Kelly began her business, A Sorted Affair
  • The importance of building relationships with others on social media
  • How she scored a spot as a regular contributor in her local newspaper
  • Evolving from writing to video on social media platforms with very little equipment
  • Why she embraces the “messy middle” of organizing
  • How she comes up with ideas for content

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About Kelly:

Kelly Corkery, the owner of A Sorted Affair, is a Professional Organizer and Advance Planner for End of Life in Nova Scotia, Canada. 

She sees clutter as an opportunity not an obstacle. She has assisted entrepreneurs for almost 20 years as a small business coordinator at the Nova Scotia Community College, and has guided hundreds of clients starting businesses from planning stages to launching and beyond.

She has learned the value of being able to provide others with the peace of mind that comes with simple advanced planning after suddenly losing loved ones herself.

Kelly’s approach is relaxed, practical and filled with humor. Whether you need help with organizing your home or advanced planning paperwork, she is here to help!

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