Social Justice in Business with Duane Jones

Do you choose to work with or support business owners based on their stance on social justice issues? Duane Jones, Founder of Art Pays Me, is a guest on the podcast this week. He is a well-educated, multi-talented artist who empowers others to achieve financial and creative independence through art. Duane shares his fears and passions of being authentic and digging deeper into social issues.

Key points in this episode:

  • Duane’s career and education journey
  • His frustration with the creative industry
  • The relation between information design and graphic design
  • How his interest in fashion started by using art and illustrations
  • The process of finding his brand
  • Where the inspiration for his t-shirt designs come from
  • How to know when a creation is complete
  • How to move past the fear of knowing your work will push other’s buttons

About Duane:

Duane was born in Bermuda and is currently based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He is a graduate of Bermuda College, the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and Dalhousie University whose mission is to understand how art can empower people to achieve financial and creative independence.

He is the founder of clothing brand and podcast, Art Pays Me, Records and Information Manager for the Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine, President of the NSCADU Alumni Association and is the Alumni representative on the NSCADU Board of Governors.

Duane was named one of the most inspiring immigrants in the Maritimes in 2021 by My East Coast Experience and has been nominated for The Coast’s Best of Halifax Reader’s Choice award twice for fashion design and once for podcasting. 

In his personal life, Duane is a married father of 2 children and a labradoodle who dedicates most of his free time to them. Duane also loves to play basketball and train marital arts and dedicates time every week to one of those for self-care. 

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