Speaking Courageously About Mental Health with Sam Madore

Anita and Sam have a conversation around topics such as finding the courage to share personal stories whether in front of a room full of people, on a podcast, or on social media, and to help others gain a new perspective on what mental health can look like.

Key points in this episode:

  • How Sam found the courage to start her podcast Let Me Overthink About It during a pandemic and share her own story
  • What happened when Anita agreed to speak about postpartum depression
  • The topics of Sam’s three books
  • The fears and stigma on social media surrounding mental health
  • The response to Sam sharing her personal stories
  • How perfectionism and anxiety affects work
  • Encouragement for those who want to share their vulnerabilities on social media

About Sam:

​I wear many hats. I am a marketing and event management professional. I am a speaker, writer, and overthinker extraordinaire. I am a mental health advocate. 

I thrive on collaboration, delivering consistent brand messaging, creating and executing checklists that lead to successful projects and events, and being true to myself. I consider my strengths to be empathy, honesty and creativity.

​I am a connector of people and I pride myself on being real. I inspire and challenge others to rise to the occasion and I work tirelessly to make my community a more cohesive place. Using effective brainstorming and facilitation skills, I am able to creatively generate new ideas, approach challenges and produce positive results.

Connect with Sam:

Connect with Anita:

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