The Power of Personal Stories and Photos with Nicole Osmond

Anita’s guest on the podcast this week is Nicole Osmond, a Customer Success Coach who is currently running 3 companies. You will be inspired by Nicole’s experience sharing personal and vulnerable blog posts as well as her first, imperfect branding photo shoot.

Key points in this episode

  • Learn about the 3 very different businesses that Nicole runs
  • How Nicole comes up with topics for her blog
  • The hesitation when it comes to publishing certain posts
  • Opportunities that arise because of having a blog
  • The importance of sharing tips you learn
  • Nicole’s experience with her first personal branding photo shoot
  • Forgetting about the imperfections in your posts and photos
  • Words that we overuse which may be distracting for listeners

About Nicole:

As a Customer Success Coach, she helps companies succeed by cultivating a Customer-Committed mindset and approach. Her lived and learned experience of 20 years in the Entrepreneurial ecosystem as well as her own entrepreneurial experience as a 3X business owner, informs and fuels her Customer Success Coaching. She delivers workshops and offers one-on-one coaching to companies who are motivated to drive their customer success. 

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