The Real and Raw of Social Media with Sarah Khan

Sarah joins Anita in this third episode of #BeFlawsome: The Good Enough Podcast. Sarah shares her journey from being an employee with a side hustle to becoming full-time in her business as an Operations Strategist, and how she has built an online community by showing her true, authentic self on social media.

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Key points in this episode:

  • How Sarah started as a Virtual Assistant and progressed to an Operations Strategist
  • How she made her decision to turn her side hustle into her full-time business and leave her corporate career
  • Why we find it difficult to do the things that are best for our businesses
  • Sarah’s truth-telling posts on social media and her inspiration behind them
  • How to maintain respect while disagreeing with another’s beliefs
  • Finding a sense of community online
  • What to do when you have feelings of professional jealousy

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About Sarah:

With over 20 years of experience in the project and operations management space, I strategically support businesses like yours as Chief Ease Officer, no matter what stage of growth you’re at.

I help business owners like you cut to the chase about what you REALLY need to move your business forward in a no-nonsense way by identifying where the REAL gaps are in operations, support, and systems. Then I help you get there.

This fresh perspective is critical…

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