Social Media Changes that Affect Small Business

Social media changes daily. Sometimes hourly! I know how hard it is to keep all those changes straight. Here’s a list of the most recent changes to the major social media networks, as they pertain to small and medium-sized businesses. Small businesses have different needs, resources and abilities than their larger, enterprise counterparts. Not all changes will affect everyone, so this page is focused on the changes small business owners need to know.



  • Facebook Watch (lovingly called Facebook Tv in some circles) has rolled out across the US. These are “TV” shows that are ONLY available through Facebook Watch!! Exciting move.
  • Suspending the advertising on known “Fake News” pages.
  • Adding logos to search results from publishers (contrary to Google’s removing urls!!)
  • Ads are coming to your Facebook Messenger conversations!
  • You can now upload your own .gifs to Facebook. Let the games begin!
  • Updates to your Facebook Page insights.
  • New ad placements coming to Facebook?
  • Video Page Covers. You can now have a video as the “Cover Photo” on your Facebook Page.
  • Testing QR Codes for in-store discounts. This will help you track where your foot traffic is coming from!
  • Introduced new tools to prevent the sharing of intimate images.
  • You can now create a custom Story Frame and make it available to your friends to use (similar to geocoded filters on Snap).
  • Facebook Allows Content Owners to Claim Ad Revenues From Freebooted Videos



  • Twitter is testing something called a Tweetstorm, so you can publish a long thread of your thoughts all at once.
  • Bots are coming to Twitter private messages
  • Twitter Users Can Now Search for Emoji in Usernames, Tweets
  • FINALLY, REALLY and TRULY, @usernames are no longer included in the character count when replying to someone… but it’s only in replies.



  • Introduced audience network for advertising in Microsoft properties. If you’re audience is using MS Outlook for email, this is something you need to investigate!
  • LinkedIn video is rolling out to everyone.
  • Added the ability to include more than one photo in your update when posting from iOs. Coming soon to Android and desktop!
  • Added the ability to “filter” your profile picture. Yes, like Instagram you can now add filters to make your headshot look… better?
  • Introduced Lead Generation Forms.
  • Newsfeed filtering is back, finally! We can now weed out the types of updates in our LinkedIn newsfeed we don’t want to see.
  • Notifications for publishing an article on LinkedIn are gone. Your connections no longer get a red flag notification when you publish an article on your profile. We’ll see how this one plays out.
  • The new home page layout appears to have rolled out to everyone. Lots of changes and some features are now only available if you pay.
  • New comment moderation tools.
  • Made enhancements to Endorsements. I’m going to reserve judgment on this until I see it in action a bit longer. My gut says this won’t fix the endorsement issue.


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Social media changes daily. Here's a list of the most recent changes to the major social media networks, as they pertain to small and medium-sized businesses.

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