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Tweeter Twirp | Social Media on a TabletThis social media “thing” just isn’t going away. You really cannot put it off any longer. Facebook cracked the 1 billion users mark. Newcomer Pinterest has already accrued over 25 million users. And tweets fly by faster than a Canadian Goose heading south in October.

A good social media manager will develop and implement a strategy to build awareness, increase customer loyalty and improve sales. If you’re not quite ready to hire a full-time staff person to handle social media for your business, outsourcing may be a good fit.

Twirp Communications will be more than a consultant to your business—think of Twirp as your trusted advisor, tasked with social media marketing. You get to focus on your strengths and building your business knowing that Twirp is keeping your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest going.

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Strategic Planning

You know it’s time to get into this “social media thing”, but you don’t know where to begin? Or perhaps you have a Facebook account, but you haven’t looked at it for three months? Maybe you just can’t stand the new Timeline layout? Twirp will work with you to figure out where best to focus your online marketing, develop a plan and help you implement it.


Profile Set Up

Making your social media profiles reflect your brand is essential to a cohesive and consistent communications and marketing plan. Twirp can make your Facebook and Twitter accounts match your unique brand and fit in with your traditional marketing.


Social Media Training for Business

Whether you’re looking to attend a workshop on how to use Hootsuite to optimize the time you spend managing your social presence, or for a personalized workshop about social media etiquette for your employees, Coach Twirp has a program to fit your needs. And if you need a customized workshop, one-on-one training, or a social media speaker for your conference or professional development day, our Head Twirp is up for that challenge, too.

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