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8 Terrible Reasons to Start Live Streaming

Live streaming is a great way to create different content for your marketing, meet new people and showcase your products, services, or lifestyle. While it's very easy to get started with a live streaming app such as Blab or Periscope, your motivation for doing it really matters. If your [...]

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The Social Coast Episode 1: Video Strategies for Small Business

Our topic is video strategies for small business. Whether you're a local flower shop, a life coach, or a tattoo artist, there is a video strategy to meet your marketing goals. Watch the replay above and get the links below. If you do venture out into the world of [...]

Halifax Hump Day Blab #HaliBlab

Well, here it goes. Thanks to a suggestion from Dan Murray on Twitter I am gearing up to do a weekly live stream...but I need your help Halifax! I want to feature local businesses who are doing social media the way it's meant to be done. I want to [...]