One-Click Content: Engage Your Audience Where They Are

One-click content is any piece of content that can be consumed entirely within a single click or tap. This can take many forms, such as a blog post that is displayed in its entirety on a social media platform, or a video that plays within a single frame on a website. The goal of one-click content is to remove barriers to engagement by providing users with the entirety of the piece of content within one click of seeing it.

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7 Tips for Writing Content That Converts

From curbside pickup to full-on online ordering and shipping, e-commerce might be the next thing you need to learn to manage for your small business. While we’re not going to get into the specifics of building an e-commerce solution for your website (a method of taking payments), we will help you figure out how to write your social media posts to encourage people to visit your website. Understanding the basics of writing content that converts will help you get ahead of your competition.

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A Simple Evergreen Content Distribution Plan

Once you’ve created the original content, be it a blog or a video, you will post a link on your social media. If it’s content you were able to repurpose into other related pieces, you’ll have multiple bits of content to post for a while. Now you need a content distribution plan and a good scheduling tool.

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How to Use Social Media Quizzes to Collect Leads

Everyone wants to know how to build their list–how to get more leads into the funnel. Interactive social media quizzes are a fabulous way to add some fun, do some research and generate leads, all in one fell swoop! Did you know that 96% of people who start a Buzzfeed quiz finish it? That’s a pretty high completion rate for anything. I found the Interact system incredibly easy to use, intuitive and professional. I am excited to share this new tool with you.

Social Media Strategy: Giving it all away for free on your blog

Often when I talk to new business owners about their social media strategy, or with experienced business owners who are new to social media marketing, I suggest they start a blog, write an ebook, create a list of tips, or develop a free giveaway for customers. Sometimes the business owner will look at me skeptically as if to ask “Are you nuts?” There is a belief out there that giving information away for free will result in lost business. The idea being that if you explain everything on a blog, or in an ebook, for free, nobody will need to buy your services. But that’s just wrong!

6 Goals that Should Precede Sales in your Content Strategy

Sales in and of itself is not a good content strategy goal for most businesses. You need to build trust and authority before people are going to be willing to buy products or services from you through social media. Your social media presence may even be a back up for in person interactions. Social media can’t replace all communications and sometimes we still need to meet for coffee or go into a store to feel the fabric of the couch we’re planning to buy.

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Content Strategy: To Educate

In my last blog post, I talked about content strategy for building your expert status. Perhaps that isn’t your goal and instead you are trying to educate your followers about something. Building content that educates can look very different from content that builds reputation. Here are some ideas for your content when you are trying … Read more

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Content Strategy: Be the Expert

If “selling” is your main goal for social media, it’s time to make a change. I can think of at least 12 different social media goals you could choose from and not a single one of them is “sales”. I maintain if you work on some of these other goals, the sales will follow. But if you begin with a goal of sales, these other things will not naturally fall into place. If your goal on social media is to be the expert in your field/community/industry/company, then advertising you are the expert just won’t cut it. You have to prove you are the expert and you’ll need a content strategy to support that goal.

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The Social Coast Episode 5: The How and Why of Blogging for Business

This week we’re talking about how and why a small business should consider blogging. We covered the different types of blogging platforms, different reasons to blog and even ways to come up with content ideas. The two biggest reasons for a small business to blog are to tell a brand story and for SEO. There are, of course, many other reasons to blog, but for a business who is looking into blogging, these are key. Have a listen to the replay above, and check out the resources we mentioned.