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How to Run an Amazingly Simple Contest with Hootsuite Campaigns

Social media contests work. If done right. Doing them right is actually quite simple these days. There are myriad apps out there to help you run a "campaign", contest or sweepstakes quite efficiently. In the past I've used Shortstack extensively to run major contests over multiple days with lots [...]

Facebook Contests–Just Follow the Rules Already

UPDATED: Facebook's promotion guidelines have changed significantly since this was written. Please read the current guidelines before running your own promotion!Every business on Facebook is asking "How do I get more fans for our Facebook Page?" I hear it in every social media workshop I do. Every. Single. One.Many [...]

Are Social Contests “Buying Likes”?

Has your business run a promotion on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest to grow its following on that platform? Did you consider that you were "buying likes"? Or was it just a way to get the word out?Recently I had a brief conversation about contests with a social media management [...]