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How to Complain on Social Media

As someone who manages social media for small businesses, I've seen it all when it comes to complaints, ridiculous to incoherent. Many times I myself have taken to social media to complain about poor customer service received, and many times I have found a resolution that way. Because social [...]

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Winning Week: The $4.99 Banana

My friend Stephanie, The Money Finder, as you can probably guess by her company name, is frugal. Not cheap, just wise about how she spends her money. Stephanie and I network together at The Group Halifax every Tuesday morning at Smitty's in Halifax. When you join a weekly networking [...]

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Social Media Policy Gone Awry – A Case Study

If you have employees who are helping you with your corporate social you have employees period... you have likely thought about the need to have a social media policy. If you haven't had this thought yet, you'd better get to thinking! You're behind the eight ball if you [...]

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Social Media Audits–Common Themes

One of the social media management services I am being called on to do more often is a social media audit: a thorough look at the social profiles of a client resulting in a report of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Here are some of the most common missed [...]

unMarketing: A Tale of Two Brands Part 2

This is the second of a two-part article about how reading unMarketing has affected my world view...particularly in relation to my vacation. Check out last week's post to read about my experience with Walt Disney World. We are committed to providing a level of service to our customers that makes [...]

unMarketing: A Tale of Two Brands Part 1

This is the first of a two-part article about how reading unMarketing has affected my world view...particularly in relation to my vacation. Come back next week to read about my experience with United Airlines.My family and I recently spent a week at Walt Disney World. It was the first [...]

A Customer Experience Gone Horribly Wrong

Today I'm taking a little detour from talking about social media for business. Instead I want to show you something that will hopefully make you think twice about your customer service standards and practices.Halifax is a small city. If you have been in business any length of time I'll [...]


Trust is a Five-Letter Word

I was meeting with a potential new client recently when she expressed her uneasiness at "outsourcing" social media work. I know many experts and afficionados abhor the thought of letting someone else "do" your social media, but the simple fact is that not every business has the time, interest [...]

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Social Media Book Review: The UnReview

UnMarketing is one marketing book you will truly enjoy reading. If you've ever been witness to apathetic customer service, this is the book for you. 3 Scott will give you a whole new perspective on customer service and how to provide it exceptionally. He uses common examples and injects [...]