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Instagram Tips from THE Instagram Expert at Social Media Marketing World

When I returned from the conference I shared a lot of my new Instagram knowledge with my sister, Shari Tucker, who is a travelling photographer and travel agent. Just hearing what she does you know she is the perfect candidate for a rockin' Instagram account, don't you? I told [...]

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7 Simple Ideas for Increasing Engagement in a Facebook Group

Recently a friend of mine added me to a short-term Facebook Group that existed to fundraise for a cause close to her heart. The premise of the group was to promote product sales with the profits donated to a specific charity. Normally I hate it when people add me [...]

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Twitter Tips Infographic

With the next Twitter 101 workshop just around the corner in Halifax, I've been searching for some new statistics, resources and graphics to share with the participants. Luckily for me Salesforce has done some of the work already and produced this awesome Twitter infographic. It's really Twitter 101 in [...]

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Winning Week: Local Business Enters #TheDress Debate

Pretty much every business in Halifax could have done something with colour options and tagged #TheDress to become part of the conversation. Makeup vendors could have shown two eye makeup options. Our many dress boutiques could have shown their own wares. Graphic designers had umpteen options available. Who caught [...]

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Responding in Private on Social Media is NOT Good Enough.

It's the advice we've all heard often enough...if a customer complains on your social media account, try to take the conversation private as soon as possible and get it resolved. I concur. Some things need to be dealt with privately. Your fans and followers don't need to see every [...]

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Social Media Book Review: The New Relationship Marketing, Mari Smith

I have said many, many times that you cannot treat social media marketing the same as advertising—no spray and pray strategies here please. Mari Smith's The New Relationship Marketing shows you step-by-step how to treat social media as a networking and relationship building opportunity and tool. I especially like [...]

12 Most Attainable Social Media Goals for Your Business

Social media goals aren't all about sales. Would you believe some companies use social media purely for awareness or customer service? Read along to find inspiration for your social media goals other than sales. You might be surprised.