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When’s the Best Time to Post? Here’s the Definitive Answer

Google returns over 943 million results when you search for "What is the best time to post". Over 943 MILLION! WHEEEEEE-EW. That's a lot of people, writing a lot of opinions on when the best time to post your content is on social media. Every article uses a different [...]

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10 Ways to Leverage Twitter Lists

 Twitter lists are one of the lesser known, yet invaluable, tools provided by Twitter to help you manage the information you're viewing in your newsfeed. Managed properly, Twitter lists can help you find the content you're looking for faster, interact with your ideal clients easier and monitor your competition [...]

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How to Pay an Online Invoice Through PayPal, WITHOUT Using a PayPal Account

I like to use my credit card to pay invoices online for business, but I don't like the charges to go through my PayPal account. To me it's cleaner to have them go straight to my credit card. Many people don't know how to do this, and end up [...]

Create a Custom Timeline Cover Photo for Business Pages — 5 Minute Friday Video Tutorial

Today's video tutorial is aimed at small businesses who are looking for ways to add a little bit of pizzazz to their Facebook Timeline without a lot of cost. Taking care of your own social media for business purposes can be a scary venture. There are so many things [...]