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Protecting Your Mental Health When You Manage Social Media

Social media is a phenomenal tool. It allows small business owners to share their mission with thousands of users. For the first time in history, small businesses can reach an almost limitless audience. Yet with its limitless potential, social media carries an unparalleled risk for distraction and comparison.

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8 Must-Have Chrome Browser Extensions for Social Media Managers

Love it or hate it, approximately 70% of internet surfing is done via Chrome now and there are many good reasons for that. When I began using Google products many years ago Chrome was simply a faster, easier browser to use and I’ve never looked back. One of the things I love is the ease with which I can add browser extensions to help me work smarter and more efficiently in social media. Here are some of my favourite Chrome browser extensions for social media managers.

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When’s the Best Time to Post? Here’s the Definitive Answer

Google returns over 943 million results when you search for “What is the best time to post”. Over 943 MILLION! WHEEEEEE-EW. That’s a lot of people, writing a lot of opinions on when the best time to post your content is on social media. Every article uses a different methodology for measuring their results. Every writer has a particular bias. Most of these articles about timing your posts are written from the perspective of global companies, not small, local businesses. So here it is–the definitive answer on the ever-popular question “When is the best time to post?”

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10 Ways to Leverage Twitter Lists

  Twitter lists are one of the lesser known, yet invaluable, tools provided by Twitter to help you manage the information you’re viewing in your newsfeed. Managed properly, Twitter lists can help you find the content you’re looking for faster, interact with your ideal clients easier and monitor your competition in less time! How to … Read more

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My Top 6 Tools for Instagram

It is said that 2015 will be the “Year of Instagram” and I might just believe that. Instagram, the app for sharing video and pictures and most likely the reason we all know what a “selfie” is, has been around since 2010, but it is really just taking off now. There are tons of apps out there to help you make better use of Instagram and here are the five that I’m using currently as I work on building an Instagram strategy for my business.

12 Pages to Follow for Social Media Advice

12 Most Compelling Reasons to Use Hootsuite

Social media is really no longer a choice for business owners. Every business needs to be doing something in the social media arena, and very likely more participating in more than one social network. Whether a business is marketing to other businesses or to consumers, potential customers are online somewhere, it’s just a matter of … Read more

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Five Apps to Help You Manage Twitter

Twitter…you either love it…or you’re indifferent. I have yet to hear someone who is actually using it a decent amount and hates it. Businesses of all sizes and across all industries are using Twitter to reach new customers, build relationships with loyal customers, create new customer experiences and increase brand awareness. As far as social media goes, Twitter has a lot to offer.