mistakes in social media marketing

Mayday! May Day! Avoid These 6 Mistakes in Social Media Marketing

Ever have one of those moments when you learn something so obvious you feel like you should have known it since…forever? The origins of the word “mayday” was one of those moments for me. A few years ago I learned that it was basically the English version of “M’aider” in French, meaning, “Help Me”! Interestingly, the origins of May Day have nothing to do with “mayday” the emergency call. The first day of May is celebrated as the first day of Summer in many countries. However, I couldn’t resist the homophonic sounds of posting about mayday around May Day. Yeah, I’m weird like that. The result is this post with helpful tips for avoiding social media mistakes in 2022. I’ll “vous aidez” on May Day. Ok. I’m done.

Why I'd write a guest post - an authority play

Why I’d Write a Guest Post – an Authority Play

Of all the ‘Wild West’ SEO (search engine optimization), authority and backlinks may be the most notorious. I recently sat in on an industry brainstorm with roughly twenty SEOs and marketing-savvy business owners. They were well versed in research, optimizations, and emerging algorithm complexities, but when it came to site authority – crickets. The state of a site’s authority is relegated to ‘organic outcomes’; its backlinks to the arena of increasingly scarce and scattered experts (and often associated with link farms/less-than-savory SEO activities).

marketing strategy blog header graphic

7 Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Small Business in 2022

Marketing is a must for any business, and to get business online, you have to consider digital marketing. Every business has different marketing needs; small businesses cannot copy an enterprise’s marketing agency and have profitable results. Big corporates can afford the pricey marketing campaigns, but most small businesses run on tight budgets. Therefore, it is crucial you work on a strategy that is curated for small businesses to nurture and grow your business exponentially.

Top 10 marketing blogs in Canada Twirp Communications beaver graphic

Best Canadian Marketing Blogs

Sometimes being a marketing professional in Canada is frustrating. All the stats, all the case studies, all the info is based in the US. Yeah, we’re similar, but, well… we’re really quite different, too. I decided to search out some of the best Canadian marketing blogs for you to save you a little time. Some of these will be familiar, I’m sure, but I’ve found several that are new to me, and hopefully to you as well!

haliblab episode 8

Ep 8: Wifi Marketing with Shaun Whynacht

Episode 8 of HaliBlab: A Halifax Small Business Podcast with guest Shaun Whynacht of Blue Cow Marketing Inc. We chat about wifi marketing, Zenreach, and other marketing tips. You’ll be amazed at what can be accomplished through offering free wifi at your place of business! Website: http://www.bluecowmarketing.ca Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bluecowmarketing Join the next round of my … Read more

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