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An Ultimate Guide: How to market your podcast using social media

Podcasting is an amazing way for you to share your passion for IT, arts, pop culture, or anything you’re excited about with others online. All you need is some soundproofing and a quality mic to get you started. With thousands of other podcasts available, how can a new podcast push its way to the proverbial forefront? Here’s how you can use social media to promote your podcast and reach like-minded listeners around the globe through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and similar platforms.

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Top Social Media Trends to Watch in the Last Quarter of 2018

School is in and the last quarter of the year is bearing down on us at lightning speed! Are you on your way to meeting your business goals for 2018, or are you struggling to keep up? Whether you have time to look into something new, or you NEED to find something new, it’s important to keep an eye on how things are changing in the social media space. And things are changing quickly. Here are three social media trends every small business should be watching as we head towards 2019.