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Ep 23: How to Be Secure Online in Biz and Life with Victoria McIntosh

For Episode 23 of HaliBlab: A Halifax Small Business Podcast, meet our guest, Victoria McIntosh, an online privacy specialist. She helps organizations manage the data they collect and control who has access to it. We discuss online privacy, passwords, browsers, and more to help you be secure online in both your business and your life. … Read more

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Spring Clean Your Social Media Security

When was the last time you cleaned out your social media profiles? It’s something you should consider doing if you’ve been on a network for a few years, and probably should make a reminder to do on at least an annual basis. Spring cleaning your social media profiles can take care of various issues and maybe most importantly, can decrease your privacy and security risks.

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5 Ways to Separate Personal and Professional on Social Media

A question new-to-social-media-entrepreneurs often ask is “How do I keep my personal life separate from my business life?” They usually understand the need to provide some personal content, but often wonder just how much personal content is still professional, and how to keep global customers out of their very personal life. Some people opt to simply not use social media personally, but many entrepreneurs do want to keep in touch with family and friends at a personal level on Facebook. Here is what I tell them about keeping things personal and professio

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