How to Recycle Your Content Infograph

Infographic: How to Recycle Your Content

Recycling content, or “repurposing” it, is a great way to stretch your hard work out. Once you’ve taken the time to create a piece of content, like a blog post or a video make the most of it by using different forms of media to attract different people. It may seem like a lot of work, but recycling content will save you time in the long run! Our new infograph “How to Recycle Your Content” will help you see all the ways you could be reusing the pieces you’ve spent so much time and effort to create. Whether you start with a blog post or a video, you can follow this process through and in many cases return to the top and start all over again.

social media supporters on board graphic

Get Your Supporters On-Board for Any Social Media Campaign

Having worked with several local Halifax charities on social media, I know that many board members are just scratching the surface of social media. They’ve just joined because they know they need to for their charity work. Or they’re only there to keep up on the antics of their children or grandchildren. If you want to have a successful social media campaign, whether it’s to raise funds, win a voting contest, crowdfund, sell event tickets or advocate for services, you need to ensure your supporters know what to do.

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