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How to Avoid 9 Scary Social Media Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Incredibly after 10 years in the business, I still see small businesses making the same social media marketing mistakes over and over. Every time I do audits, every time I do workshops and every time I do one-on-one training I see half-baked plans, lack of consistency and missing information. Regular auditing can catch some of these things, but some of these social media marketing mistakes take a little more effort.

How to Fix a Typo in Your Social Media Posts

Dear small business owner, take the vacation!

We need to stop believing all our time must meet the societal, capitalistic and patriarchial standard of being “productive”. You need time away from your business, and especially social media, to rest, relax and recoup. That’s why I take most evenings and weekends off completely. It took me a few years to get to this point, but it is possible to create your own work boundaries even if you’re an entrepreneur working by yourself. You deserve time off and so does your business.

Which Social Media Scheduler is Best for You?

If you are doing any decent amount of social media marketing for your own business, or for others, you’ve probably already tried a scheduling system or two to help with the workload. Maybe you’ve felt it’s wrong to schedule content and you gave up? Or maybe you just didn’t find the right social media scheduler for your needs. Because I believe in responsible scheduling of content (please note, this is not content automation), I have tried many different scheduling systems. Some work with one platform, others with many. From my experience, all of the different scheduling programs have their benefits, it’s a matter of which scheduling process works best for you and your workflow.

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Responsible Scheduling: An Automation Philosophy

Some social media experts still vehemently oppose any kind of scheduling, duplication, cross posting or automation. Responsible scheduling is the philosophy of using the best features of scheduling programs while keeping engagement top of mind.

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